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Villanova, GSU Western Kentucky to semis

Also...Western Kentucky defeated Western Illinois 31-28. Georgia Southern will host Western Kentucky next saturday on ESPN2.
Thank you WKU! It's funny how I was pulling for WKU this week, but now that they've won I can't stand them. :) Homefield is great for GSU. We're 29-1 at home in the playoffs. I like our chances. :wink: I hear WKU travels well. I hope they bring a lot of fans.
Yes, they do bring a bunch of folks to the games, although they are a bb school. Remember the year they were in the final four of the NCAA tourney? You will enjoy seeing that sea of red and white in your visitor stands and since it is a third round game, I think they will have even more at Paulson than at Furman. GSU should win....WKU did have a great defense, with a huge line for them. Amazing for a primarily bb school.