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UNA fraud or foe???


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Did them MSU Cats soften up UNA for you cubbies, or did they just piss them off so that they is really "ready for bear" :wink: this week in Flagstaff. What's the cubbies chances, is UNA all that that or were they finally exposed by MSU for what they really are? Should be a good game and the ole CM will be keepin an eye on this one while them Roosters are battlin those black teddies from lobster land! Hopefully the Roosters are over that Navy win, cause there aren't any days off in the A10 and Maine, as all you cubbies know, is no pushover. It was a great day in Annapolis, great stadium, capasity crowd, exciting game and best of all an upset win!!! Here's a shot of QB Andy Hall's 2d period TD run that tied the game.

Look at the size of that white boy!

Must be an away game...your stadium isn't that nice....is it?

Good goin gizzard crew! You done us proud.

NAU is toast. They were predenden. They hit the meat of the best conference in 1-AA (not my words) and are folding. Our last game was a "break out" game. We will go wire to wire from here to Nooga.
Look at the size of the bellies on those linemen! Good Lord. They didn't have to eat the lobster trap with the thing too....did they? Them boys are FAT!

Oh Baby... can't wait..hope you all make the playoffs...we'll wear that blubber down! :lol:
Y'all got new helmets???? Tired of using the hand me downs from Michigan? :lol:

Or do I just have a bad angle in that pic?
GeauxGriz said:
Y'all got new helmets???? Tired of using the hand me downs from Michigan? :lol:

Or do I just have a bad angle in that pic?

Heh heh. I was thinking the exact same thing.
Them Roosters have been a wearin that same helmet and uniform for 50 years now, it called tradition, unlike them cubbies who change their look about once a decade. As for UD a stealin the hat from Michigan, think again cubsters, as them Wolverines done stole that lid from them Princetion Tigers.

From the history of the "Michigan" helmet.

"Crisler's 1937 design for the Princeton helmet graced the cover of Spalding's Official Football Guide for 1938. The photo depicts action from Princeton's game against the University of Chicago, Crisler's alma mater"


Now here's the real thing, the mighty Rooster helmet!!!

Nice...not very "original" though. It just dosen't seem to fit the team name very well. Honestly, it just dosen't look like a chicken lid. Know what I'm sayin? The question is: where did they get those bellies....Santa?
Good one Roc. 8) NAU has already taken care of 4 other Big Sky opponents, outscoring them 149 to 81 - three of them on the road. They are serious trouble. As ChickenMan would say, "and them Lumbajacks is shore ticked off now... gonna be lookin fo sumthin from Montana ta put on the choppin block - them Cubbies betta watch out!!!
CM, your MSU buddies are turning on you. I'm surprised, seeing how the two programs have so much in common like you say.
You don't see any logic here "poor"?

They beat the "bottom dwellers", and lost to an unranked average Cat team. They have the #10 team in the nation left to play and a ranked ISU team. I'd say they have a lot left to prove. Why do you think that even after a Div II loss, the Griz still out rank them? You gotta be there and you gotta do that. To date the Jacks have never done nothin! I would not trade positions with any team in this conference. Every squad is talking about "controlling their own fate". What I would say to the GRIZ team is that we are and have proven that we can back up that notion. That we are the class of the conference and have been for the last ten plus years. We have the superior talent...the question is...how bad do you want it? They all gun for us like it's the game of their lives...how bad do you want to show them for what they are...and that is GRIZ wanna be's! Mark my words, we will win out. The Portland game was a turning point. I predict a lopsided win against NAU which will shock the conference and strike big fear in the remaining foes.
WOW - You are high. Good luck with your theory. NAU is for real and they'll show you on Saturday. If you can find a way to contain Clarence Moore, you may have a chance. Regarding your other dribble - Weren't you the first up to this site after the loss to NDSU saying, "Grizzlies Suck?!!!" Nice bandwagon. Are the Griz a good team? Yes. Are they great? Jury's still out. The team's you've beaten haven't been that good, and you're downplaying NAU? Besides us, they're only loss was to Arizona State, and they played them tough. Once again... Good Luck.
They did suck in the NDSU game. And if they continued to play that way, they would suck for the rest of the year. They have been steadily improving. BTW, we beat ranked Maine at there place...ranked Cal Poly and I think Weber was ranked when we played them and ISU. It could easily be argued that we have played the toughest schedule in the country to this point. After the NAU game there would be no doubt. Ya we'll see. I would agree that the jury is still out. But in comparison to NAU I'd say we are poised to run the table. I've been watching the GRIZ for 25 years and this team is one of the best. They have not reached their peak yet, but are well on the way.
Nice Try. You have nothing near the toughest schedule in the country - A div II school, Sam Houston, and Idaho??? The Bobcat non-conferenc games have been against either 1A Wyoming, or nationally-ranked 1AA teams(G-Webb, Cal-Poly, and Northern Colorado) the only "easy" team we've played was St. Mary's - but at least they're 1AA. We do not have a DII team on the schedule. Furthermore - without Ochs bailing you out, you would currently have at least 2 more losses IMO. With the injuries I'm hearing about, things are not looking good for the Griz on Saturday - but I'll actually be pulling for them to win as I think it will help our playoff chances.
I think if you go to the NCAA's site that ranks schedules you'll find that you are wrong...again.

You don't think that even lowly Idaho couldn't beat No. Colorado or G-Webb? Amazing! N.Colorado is a puffed up Div II team anyway...

Insert Maine...at their place, ranked, for G-Webb. Insert ranked Cal Poly, insert ranked ISU...ranked Weber....ranked NAU...it's by far one of the toughest schedules in the country. Kitty's play many of them too...therefore, they have a fairly tough schedule too...so what! We'll see who comes out on top...won't we.

Oches bailing us out? What an stupid statement. He isn't bailing anybody out! He's on the friggin team! Deal with it. Woulda, coulda, shoulda...the kitty theme song. :fist:

BTW...Wyoming as compared to Idaho??? What is mighty Wyoming this year?...3-5. Puff up that chest!
If Ochs "bailed out" the Griz this year what did Junior Adams do for the 'Cats the last 2 years? Let's face it, it's not like MSU had a wealth of WR talent before he showed up.

In my slightly biased opinion the Cats and Griz schedule difficulty is/has been about the same this year... Griz had slightly easier non-conference schedule with all the home games but they've got it tougher in the conference with road games vs. ISU, NAU, and MSU.
Good point. You guys are working on a big ol' win streak at Bobcat/Martel/Reno H. Sales Stadium! :wink:
A real big win for them Cubbies and by lookin at the score, it appears that UNA was more a fraud than a legit foe. Them Cubbies look playoff bound, but still have a couple of tough ones left. The Roosters, who looked like they were still thinking about Annapolis, escaped with a win they really didn't deserve. Maine played a great game for 3 quarters and led 21-0 with three minutes left in the 3rd, but in the 4th, mistakes by the Teddies and big plays by the Roosters were the difference. An 80 yrd punt return, for a TD, with the Roosters down 21-7 early in the 4th, was the turning point. So it looks like we is still on track for a December meeting of Cubbies and Roosters, in Henville of course!


Nice post Chickenman, and a good win for your team. Here's a little info for your immediate use:

It's the University of Montana, thus UM (not MU).

It's Northern Arizona University, thus NAU (not UNA).

Can't wait to meet in the Playoffs for all the marbles.