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Now that UC-Davis has gone 1-AA, what are the chances that they will try to get into the Big Sky, since their arch-rivals Sac State are members? Or does anyone think Sac will drop out and join this new west coast conference or whatever they're calling it? I do think Davis would be a good addition to the BSC. Davis and UNC are both much better geographical matches than the Dakota schools are. Just curious if anyone had any insight on this one.
UC-Davis is already a member of the Big West for all sports other than football, so it's very unlikely unless the Big Sky is looking for football only members. Davis will either go as an indy in I-AA, as they have for ages in DII, or will become a member of the Great Western if it comes to be.
There is no chance Davis would leave the BWC for the Big Sky. It would be good for football but a terrible decision for the rest of the athletic department. UCD has 27 sports and is looking to add more. The Big West is a great baseball conference and the travel would be terrible compared to the ease of Southwest plane trips to SoCal.

Besides, the scheduling problems of being a D2 indy are over now that Davis is I-AA. Next years schedule has been set for a while and includes schools for the BSC, Southland, and a lot of the Indys. There are Pac-10 opponents lined up for '05 and possibly '06.