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any bets that if Ochs is going to start we dont see him warming up in pregame with the team? or use Hartman the first series then bring in Ochs. That would certainly play with the minds of Cal poly.
How would you like to be Cal Poly's DC. He can look at all the film he wants and still will have absolutely no idea what might be thrown at him, to any certainty. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
I see Hartman starting... may see a little Disney but no Ochs... I see Ochs playing in the Weber game....
Some of the posters on this board and the un-off board have stated the Ochs is practicing. For those of you I-spys how does he look? It was reported he has some kind of brace on. I think if he is getting in a lot of reps he will play this week. Will probably be on a limited basis tho.