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Transfers to Montana


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Anybody out there in the great Big Sky State help me out? I have heard a rumor that Colorados QB Ochs was transferring to UM? And I have also heard that Chris Rix made a phone call to Missoula. Could someone who truthfully know whats going on give me the downlow on all of this?
Ochs of Colorado will definitely be in a Griz uniform next fall.
And yes, there certainly was a rumor about Chris Rix calling Missoula and inquiring about transfering.
Thanks for the info. I am looking forward to Griz football in 2003. Lets hope signing day goes well too.

I also want to thank you guys out there in Big Sky Country. You guys are my source for Griz football news. All we hear out here in Michigan was the Brian Kelly story and the Sac St. players greasin themselves up. Keep on feeding the info!

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