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Top 10 Griz Recievers



Who do you guys put in the top 10 of all time grizzly recievers?
My list

1. Joe Douglass - simply a gambreaking reciever
2. Shalon Baker- dominate as any to play the position at UM
3. Marvin Turk - Montana's first dominate receiver
4. Matt Wells- all time leader but was there for all dickinson years
5. Matt Clark- Hellgate High School product?
6. Scott Gurnsey- good hands, just ask South Dakota State
7. Jimmy Farris- turned into a playmaker under drew miller
8. Mike Treviathen - teamed with Clark, fearless route runner over the middle
9. Mike Rice- teamed with Pease in the very beginning of the Read years
10. Mike Erhardt - 4-7 against Marshall, made the most important catch in Grizzly history

what does everyone else think.
Awesome, Sweetwyne's here. Now the fun begins. You should stop by more often. Harrassing any MSU boards lately?

I like your list, but don't forget Jeremy Watkins and Travis Walker. They were a potent tandem and our biggest playmakers in 1999 on the last Griz team to date that really had an almost unstoppable air attack. And what about Etu? Doesn't he hold some receiving records?
What about Watkins and Molden....they should both be in the top ten.

What About the Hawiian connection? Raul Pacheco?(SORRY ABOUT THE MISFOURTUNATE SPELLING ON THAT ONE)

I think that we will have to save some room on the list for Talmage....if he stays healthy, I think he will have a huge roll next year with Ochs and Disney!
No he doesn't... he was a TE... much different category...

BTW.. speaking of TE's.... did anyone else catch the KPAX news the other day...

Willie Walden is practicing with the Griz B-Ball team... Hauck has said if he can keep up with school, then fine... Kennedy says he doesn't know if he'll ever play him, but he can basically be there and try to prove himself...

Too funny.
Yes he does, he was a tight end . . . you know, the RECEIVER who lines up close to the big boys on the O-line?

Brian had more pass receiving yards than anyone in Griz history before Don Read arrived. Believe me, he would have kicked some major arse in Dennehy's or Glenn's offenses when they started utilizing the tight ends again.
The only "gambreaking reciever" I know of is the one from Northern Iowa who clocked Dave Decoite in the cojónes last year. :D
GrizBear said:
The only "gambreaking reciever" I know of is the one from Northern Iowa who clocked Dave Decoite in the cojónes last year. :D

I wouldn't call that "gamebreaking", I would put that under the heading of "ballbreaking".
cadwiz, it just struck me as funny that Sweetwyne misspelled "gamebreaking" as "gambreaking". I figured gams must be gonads. :eek:
Good points about Etu Molden and Travis Walker. Wihle Molden did have some significant yards it never seemed to me that he had any plays where he completly turned games around. Sure he caught the occasionaly fade for a TD and I think he caught a gamewinning touchdown against Idaho I would not put him ahead of anyone on that list.

Travis Walker, Mr "Fair Catch" had great hands but never was a gamechanger as the guys on the top10 could. He wasa possesion reciever without any memorable catches or scores.

Raul Pacheco is the next most deserved. However, him and guys like Watkins paled in comparision to a guy like Douglass who was the man in the offense.

Salonen- this did refer to WR's and not tightends. In the "Air Read" the tight end was turned into a guy like Gurnsey who would line of tight, but as a reciever.

Oh... for those of you wondering, this is the same Sweetwyne that made a name as a Cat insulter and proud of it. I have not found a message board to harass them but the debacle in Missoula leaves me litle impetus to try and harass them. What a shame.....
Just wait until January 25 in Bozeman. Then we got ourselves some fresh bragging rights.
Does anyone remember Marvin Turk? I remember the Nevada-Montana game where Nevada was ranked #1 (?) and Montana was fighting for a winning season - Marvin made some huge catches fro TD's to keep the Griz close, and then he dropped an easy one in the endzone during OT. It was an awesome game. A lot of people were bitter, but if he hadn't been on fire in the first place, the Griz would've been blown out.

Nevermind! Had to go back and read the original post. Got all excited thinking I had someone not mentioned yet.
Marvin's entire senior season was hard to figure out. He didn't get much playing time to begin with, then had a big game or two, then was limited in his playing time. Coaches couldn't seem to see that he could perform. He wasn't the fastest receiver by any means. I distinctly remember him angling away from pursuers hoping to get to the endzone before he got caught. What he possessed, though, were good hands and an incredible verticle leap. He still had a good career, but I believe it could have been even better if not for odd coaching decisions.