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Too Funny...


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Sorry, I know this doesn't go here, but no one really posts/checks the other sections.

I thought this was just too darn funny not to post... and no, it's not me. :wink:


Everyone have a safe and happy New Year. I'll be drinkin Kok-Dok_a knee
Glad I got what I wanted for Grizmas before Mr Claus decided to take his dirt nap. That was pretty funny.

What the hell is gonna' happen next year?
OMG you killed Santa....you bastards! And now I'm told, after 31 years, that he wasn't even real. I've got to start drinking. :drinking: This is way too much info to process.
First hell freezes over when the team from the east stopped the streak. Now this. What could be next...Glenn goes to Wyoming? Naaa never happen. He'd want to go to a good program if he left.

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