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Tony Moss, Third and Long: Breathtaking


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Tony Moss's new Third and Long documents his weekend in Missoula.

Good read...sounds like Tony really managed to embrace the culture. I never thought an article about Missoula would seem so cosmopolitan and include so much name dropping. I guess we have arrived.

I'm glad he seems to have had a good time.
Thank you for the link GFGriz.

It was good reading and insight by the old Mr. Moss. It kind of made me hungry though. :popcorn:

I liked his double digit prediction of a Griz win over Cal Poly.

I hope he's on the money.
Sportin' Life said:
I'm glad he seems to have had a good time.

Good football, Good people, and good fun. No envy.

Look at the difference in Tony's article last year:


Go Griz!
Yeah, I remember that one from last year. Nothing has changed in this part of the world...its like that Castleberry article I linked on the MSU-NCU thread last saturday...

It seems a Bobcat fan can't say the 'Cats are ranked too low'.
They have to say 'the Cats are ranked too low and the Griz are too high'.

Anyways, I have got to try one of those deep fried burgers on a stick. I wanna be old and fat, too.
Down here in McCowboy land we pride ourselves on a good crowd and great atmosphere...but it seems we have a good way to go before we can get to the caliber of the Griz and Washington Stadium on game weekend.

Keep the wins coming. I hope we can win too and maybe one day soon I can make it to Missoula and sample the atmosphere for myself. I can promise you this Southern boy would prefer a game in September.....a little warmer for my thin hide!!!!!!!

Go McNeese!!! Go Griz!!
You could probably come in Ocotber this year and the weather will still be great for football. (Actually, all wether is great for football) Man, it has been nice this summer/fall. Most of the leaves are still on the tree, its bean in the 70's. Great stuff, but I am longing for the crisp and cool late season games.
Grzz you forgot to mention the Clark Fork river which is what, all of about a block and a half from the Washington Griz, and Mount Sent. framed by the wide blue sky and the smell of football in the air. Man how I miss Missoula and am looking forward to homecoming.

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