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Tony Moss answers some of our questions

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Unfortunately he doesn't tell us who can play on the defensive line for the Griz. Here's the link:

I'll paste the Tony Moss predictions here. As I thought, the possible lineup could put us at #2 providing we win this weekend. We need to send a message to the committee and blow MSU out Saturday. That should cement #2.

The Ivy League does not participate in the I-AA playoffs by decree of the Ivy school presidents.
The SWAC will send its division champs to the SWAC title game on Dec. 14th, so only second-place teams and below are playoff eligible. Grambling and Southern, which play in the Nov. 30 Bayou Classic, are also ineligible for the playoffs due to conflict with the first round.
The four-team Big South Conference’s teams are eligible for the playoffs, but the league does not have an automatic bid.
The 26 teams from the three "I-AA mid-major" conferences (MAAC, NEC, Pioneer) are technically playoff eligible, though no team from any of those non-scholarship leagues has ever been chosen for the field.
A very rough and completely unscientific estimate of how the playoff brackets could look is listed below. The projected field does not take into consideration possible upsets in the final week of the regular season:

Idaho State (8-3) at #1 McNeese State (10-1)
Villanova (9-3) at Wofford (9-3)

Western Kentucky (8-3) at #4 Georgia Southern (9-2)
Furman (8-3) at Bethune-Cookman (11-1)

Northwestern State (9-3) at #2 Montana (11-1)
Maine (10-2) at Appalachian State (8-3)

Eastern Illinois (9-2) at #3 Western Illinois (10-1)
Fordham (9-2) at Northeastern (10-2)
This may be true but it sucks for GSU. :evil: :evil: By placing 3 teams in the same bracket the odds are great for a SoCon team to make it to the championship game, which is what the NCAA wants.

I wish they would place 2 in each bracket so they could possibly meet in the finals.

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