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time to vote grizfans


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Kind of seems like the Cowboys have already counted their chickens...

Will McNeese be able to keep the momentum going through the I-AA championship game?

Yes: 57.36%

No: 40.31%

Undecided: 2.33%

Total Votes: 129
Lets go make our voice count..............
The only reason we count chickens is to make sure we have enough for the gumbo and jambalaya.

Ah, come on. What do you think the local fans are going to say? What would a poll like that look like in your paper? I am ashamed its not 99%.
If you can't believe in yourself and your local boys then you ought to move. Your diggin' for stuff now. :roll:
Yes JTCOWBOY you are right we are digging for stuff. On December 21st we will unearth the barried treasure in the hills of Chattanooga, its called the NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP!
I hope we unearth that buried treasure on the evening of the 20th. It will be too late if we wait for the 21st. :D
I don't think anyone has "counted their chickens". I think Kramer is doing to much spouting off for one thing. Somebody has to respond to his statements. He is giving fuel to the cowboy fire. That is why the Griz players and coaches keep their mouths shut. You don't want to give the opposing team anything extra to play for. I think we all know it should be a tough game, I think the Griz will win, but I'm not "counting any chickens". It sucks that Gober isn't clear to play, but Waller ran the best I've seen him run last game. Hopefully he can stay healthy thru out the game. Hammel could step up too. I guess we won't know till the game. I'm looking forward to it.

Go Griz.
Dec 20th will get here soon enough. The only thing I want the Griz to "dig" for is a win in "The Hole" tomorrow night, and if that happens, then we will be able to climb on that train back to Washington/Grizzly Stadium for another playoff game...how sweet would that be?

Go on with your bad self GRIZ!!!
Alot of UM fans must be voting, because its now No:50%, Yes 48.18%, Undecided 1.82% with total votes being 220.

If only the poll decided the result.