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Time to re-send your opinions on Pat Williams nomination


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It's time for a renewed push. As updated last week the nomination of Pat Williams to the board of regents has been split apart and all three nominated regents now stand as separate nominations.

The bill is SR 47 - however it is still in the committee so I'm asking you all to still contact the committee entirely, Senate Education and Cultural Resources. When you send your contact make sure you mark AGAINST SR 47 above the space where you can enter a message

http://leg.mt.gov/css/Sessions/63rd/legwebmessage.asp" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

Like the title of this message reads, it's time to re-send your opinions. While I don't yet know when the vote will happen this needs constant attention and your emails matter. My understanding is the committee is keeping track of the amount of for and against emails that are pouring in.

Regardless if you've emailed once before or 1,000 times before I'm asking you all this week to please send a contact to the committee once per day for the next five days.

Some pointers:

- You don't even have to enter a message as long as you mark you're against SR-47.

- Make sure that if you have a significant other or family members who feel the same way that they're sending separate messages. Do not sent a single block message on behalf of many people but send a bunch of individual messages

- This cause has been panned as an organized political attack against Williams. As I've done in the past I've mentioned my political affiliation to show that I am not, in fact, attacking this nomination for political reasons.

Remember, mark AGAINST SR-47 and send it to the Senate Education and Cultural Resources Committee.

http://leg.mt.gov/css/Sessions/63rd/legwebmessage.asp" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;
For those that want to make an even bigger impact sending a letter to the Senators also has a MAJOR impact.

The mailing address is:

Address letters to:
Senator (NAME)
Montana Senate
P.O. Box 200500
Helena, MT 59620-0500

The senators on the committee are:

Peterson, Jim (R - Ch)
Jones, Llew (R – V Ch)
Arntzen, Elsie (R)
Brown, Taylor (R)
Driscoll, Robyn (D)
Facey, Tom (D)
Lewis, Dave (R)
Moore, Eric (R)
Stewart-Peregoy, Sharon (D)
Windy Boy, Jonathan (D)
I think we need to be very clear of our cause here. The amount of fallacies that are being put forth by our counterparts can have an influence if not taken on.

Pulling up the support of petition here's the comments I'm seeing:

Montana can't afford to repeat the mistakes of Penn State University.

This is important because Mr. Williams seems to be the only Regent who will stand up for doing the right thing which is protecting women and women's rights

Pat is a dedicated and courageous public servant and does not deserve to be bullied by a group calling themselves the quarterback club

Bring some reality to the Board of regents. We need some straight talk

Because Pat is right on - the UM needs to get control of athletics. This is supposed to be an institution of higher learning, not thuggery
...anybody that mentions...
...the griz and penn state...
...in the same sentence...
...needz their azz kicked...

... :cool: ...
I'm going to keep bumping this guys - it's vitally important you send messages this week.
Dave Lewis replied:

Finally got nominations segregated. Hope to get vote this week. Should be interesting. democrats pulling out all stops on this one.
Done and bump!
Thanks again Brint.

now to vote for that Griz breakfast burrito...we are currently behind, it's about 60% to 40%
PolsonGrizFan said:
now to vote for that Griz breakfast burrito...we are currently behind, it's about 60% to 40%

I sure hope you guys are also voting for Missoula to host the social media convention because you sure know how to use social media to push your agendas (Monte, JJ, Pat Williams, and burritos)! :thumb: ;) Missoula should win hands down!
In addition to the Williams well documented careless behavior as an interim regent ... which we've hammered on, I've also sent messages to the committee and its members that are similar to the following:

Pat Williams is a politician. That was never more evident than at last weeks Senate confirmation hearing for Board of Regent members. Many proponents were representatives of groups that Pat supports while in turn have supported him throughout the years. Of course, there is nothing wrong with that … if you’re a politician.

So heres the key issue. Regents by definition should have one goal in mind … the betterment of the higher education of students. Serving more interests beyond that is a lot of excess baggage. That’s what Pat Williams brings to the table.

If we set this precedent, appointing politicians to the board, it would make more sense to allow these regents to be elected rather than appointed. However, that has been fully discussed in the past and it was rejected. Therefore, let’s not set this precedent.

This was done in an attempt to add another concern for the committee to consider ... around this confirmation.
mtgrizrule said:
reinell30 said:
I'm getting writers cramp from emailing these idiots...

Writer's cramp from email? :thumb: :lol:

Hate to see how bad it would be from actually writing.

Now you know how long my scriptures are...it takes me a lot of words to say what I want and what I mean...know what I mean?