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Three playoff bids for the Big Sky


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The SoCon is down. They usually get three bids. They will only get two this year.

The Big Sky is tough this year and will get three. We will get that extra bid that usually goes to the SoCon.

The A10 will not get four. They will get their usual three. Umass, Delaware,
and Nova.
The A10 will not get four. They will get their usual three. Umass, Delaware, and Nova.

I agree. Maine really got knocked out of the running with yesterdays loss.
Here is the Swami's projected playoff teams. He writes for 1AA.org Magazine. Of course these could change as the season unfolds.

Projected Playoff Field
Note- * Indicates projected automatic bid

Atlantic 10- Villanova*, Delaware, UMass
Big Sky- Northern Arizona*, Montana, Idaho State
Gateway- SIU*, WIU, Northern Iowa
MEAC- Bethune-Cookman*
OVC- Tennessee State*
Patriot- Colgate*
Southland- McNeese State*, Northwestern State
Southern- Appalachian State*, Wofford
Is it just me, or is everyone else laughing about Georgia Southern losing to App State yesterday and basically writing themselves out of the playoffs?!
I don't know about laughing, but I am kinda wondering what the hell happened to GSU. I got to watch a couple of minutes of the game on Fox sports Atlantic, and it looked like it was going to be a slug fest.
I see this swami has picked two schools from the Southland....it is not uncommon for the SLC to just get the automatic bid.

Our conference play really starts this week and I think, with the exception of McNeese, the SLC is down this year as well. The chances of a 3 team BSC playiff seems pretty good to me. You guys seem to be beating each other up pretty good so far.

I sure as hell didn't think Montana State would do so poorly so far,..but they can still reach up and bite some folks in the butt!!!! NAY and ISU look good. I think ISU got tagged last year and should have gone to the playoffs.

Good luck Griz and Go McNeese!!!!!!!

Do something!!! Lead , follow, or get the hell out of the way!!!!!!!
ronbo, i think if we win out and NAU only loses to us, and maybe one more then we'll get three in. however, if we lose to NAU, we'll have 3 losses and one of which is a DivII program. regardless of how good a divII team they are the selection comittee wont over look that.

So, its simple we'll just win from here on out. :D
I think there will be only 2 teams from the Big Sky, and unless Montana goes 4-1 down the strech or ISU finds a way to not lose 2 more games(which I believe they will lose to NAU and Cal Poly on the road, they will not beat good teams on the road, and if they do get in I see them losing on the road to someone) thier may only be 1.
Montana at 9-3 is in, tradition does count for something. All you need is to get in and anything can happen. Last year taught us that......again.
At this point in the season I would have to agree that the BSC will get three playoff spots. I also believe that if the Griz win out they will get the automatic bid for the BSC because I also agree that ISU will lose at least one more road game if not two. I don't see NAU losing to anyone but the Griz, hence the tiebreaker goes to the Griz.
I think MSU has a real chance to beat NAU this weekend. They have the best defense in the Sky, and a pretty good pass defense. Their offense, while not very consistant, is capable of long drives, which will keep Jason Murietta off the field. And, they're playing at home. We need to pull for the Cats this weekend.
MSU will be at least as tough if not tougher than NAU for the Griz. No more 16 in a row mystic plus the Cats seem to be coming together and finally the O is playing decent. Nov. 22nd in Bozeman will be a slugfest.
In 1997 we had a good team, went 8-3 with several big wins, but we lost to SUU. The following week after we lost, McNeese hammered SUU, because they knew how to deal with the option. That and one of the star SUU backs broke his arm against us.

Anyway, despite having our AD on the selection committee, the loss to SUU kept us from a home playoff game. We played at McNeese in 1st round. We had McNeese beat that year before the phathom out of bounds call for a late hit gave McNeese a 1st down with about 90 seconds. If I remember correctly, it should have been 4th and about 20 from thier 30.

This year our AD is chairman of committee, but it is very likely NDSU will keep us from a home game and possibly the playoffs unless we win out. We needed NDSU to win every game to have a chance of that loss not hurting and its too late for that. I do believe the Griz can still win it all.
NDSU lost to UND last weekend.... They will need to win out if they are to get into DII playoffs...