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Thoughts on MSU vs. Wyoming



I am wondering what you guys think. I personally hope that the Cats go over to Laramie and thump old joe glenn. I know how bad that sounds because I hate the cats as much as anyone. I have never been a fan of Joe Glenn. Even when we won the championship I thought that the cupboard was stalked by Bob Cole and Mick Dennehy. I was never one for Glenn's stories.
His true colors came out when he bolted the UM without even officially notifiying the team.

What do you guys think
I think exactly the opposite.

I wish Joe and Company well, and hope they kick the crap out of the Cats, just to shut Karmer the hell up.

Sure it wasn't cool when Joe left, but he was a helluva lot better coach than Denehy could ever be. It doesn't hurt to have some charisma either.

I also got to know several of the coaches pretty well (Knutsen, Patton) and they deserve to be moving up and out. It was a talented core of coaches, and some unbelieveable talent, that took us where we were during Joe's stay. Switching ANY job isn't an easy thing. You don't tell your current boss, or your co-workers until its a done deal, no matter how much writing is on the wall.

My two cents...

P.S. Nice pic of Randy Rhodes, gotta love that Crazy Train!
After last year I think the fans here in WYOMING will be happy with any wins this year....but, a loss to MSU would not start things out at all on high note here in Wyoming...
I have to agree with GGG on this, anything to make Kramer shut up would make me happy. I wouldn't mind it if they went the whole season without winning a game. At least then I wouldn't have to listen to those Bobcat idiots saying that they won the Big Sky outright.

Bitter??? Who me??? Nah...
Personally I am a Joe Glenn fan, though I will admit I did not like the way he left. I have mixed feelings about the MSU-Wyoming game. I might get blasted on this but I usually cheer for any Montana team including MSU before I cheer for out of state schools. But in this case, I will cheer for Wyoming for 2 reasons. 1) I dont want MSU to have the confidence of beating a 1A school and 2) Like everyone else I would hate to hear Kramer's Krap after the game if he won.
I hope Wyoming stomps a mudhole into MSU and walks it dry!! I'm sick of their fans bragging about their conference championship, idiots don't even realize they shared it with the Griz and ISU. Difference being, Griz fans are never proud of being co-champs, MSU fans act like jesus has appeared or something.
They are really talking some shit and I for one am sick of it. I hope Joe & Co bring them back down to earth in a big way.

November 22nd can't get here fast enough, as far as I'm concerned.

Wyoming 42 kitties 13.

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