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This is awesome.....


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I feel like a kid on christmas eve!!!! I have almost forgotten who JG even was!! One thing is for sure, we are going to have one hell of a football coach!!
And who do you think that is? KECI reports kelly isn't coming. Go to a GLIAC forum and kelly is coming here.
You have Phlugrad coming to Missoula tomorrow. You also have reports that Hauck is front runner.

Tomorrow night I think we will know for sure or very close.

First thing new coach has to do is contact the verbal commitments.
:eek: I leave to eat dinner, come back to check on things, and the sky has fallen. Now I know less than I did two days ago. How many head coaches did we offer this thing to?!! :-? It would surely be cool if someone would report facts instead of wild rumors!
I totally agree TrueGriz, the first order of business for the new coach is contact the verbals and keep them from signing with any other BSC school, most notably MSU!!!!!!
And to answer your question, if Kelly has indeed removed himself from consideration, I would bet it's Pflugrads job if he wants it.
What makes you think that Kelly wasn't given the opportunity to withdraw his name from consideration as a courtesy to save face?

When a coach "withdraws from consideration," that is often a case when a candidate is dumped. Withdrawing sounds a heck of a lot better than getting turned down.
Why would you think that Kelly was not offered the job....and then decided to stay at GVS?

Is it not possible that a coach might stay at a D-2 school over Montana with the one year contract on the table?

I state again....how else can you aggressively pursue somebody without offering the job? And how many other coaches have had actual $ figures from the UM? Kelly said that UM would be in the six figure range and that they were being aggressive in thier atempts to get him.

Why is that so hard to understand.....He was offered the job at UM and he turned it down. It sucks. It hurts my pride, cuz I would like to think that any D-2 coach that was offered a job at Montana would jump at it. But Kelly did not......HE TURN US DOWN! It's that simple.
In my mind, the biggest hurdle for Kelly would be whether or not he wanted to leave his area of the country and move to an area where he would have to start over again. I guess the answer was no. Then again, the objections could have come from his family or assistants.

I wish him well.
Although I would have liked to see what Kelly could do for the Griz, I gained respect for the guy. Isn't that what we want in a HC, someone willing to stick it out with the Griz for more than three years. If he is good that is! :wink:
Just a thought - Kelly withdrew at the same time John L. Smith's name became public for the Michigan State job. Suppose he has been contacted by Louisville, or heard the rumor and wanted to stay available for that job? Midwest. Division I-A. Winning program that likes to pass.
Conspiracy theory? 8)

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