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This is a clue....


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This is from today's Missoulian. Yes this one is for real!

Kelly said wants to make a decision on his future within the next four or five days.

"(Grand Valley officials) have been unbelievable with what they've done and the offers they've made,'' Kelly said. "And of course, Montana has been very aggressive on their end.''

That Kelly says "Montana has been VERY aggressive on their end" is a clue that says....they have offered me the job....it's up to me to decide if I will take it.

How else would you be VERY AGGRESSIVE?
Oh...and that he says he wants to make a dicision in the next 4-5 days means that he might not want to leave GVS all that bad.... It didn't take Glenn that long to make a choice.

It also means that we will be waiting to hear the news for 4-5 days. :roll:

Oh I think he wants the job at Montana, but the Bowling Green is three times better pay. So I believe he's waiting a few days to see how that develops.

I don't see him as a frontrunner there. They are showing interest in several candidates. He might be 3rd or fouth choice there. If it looks he isn't going to land Bowling Green in the next couple days he'll go for Montana. You can't blame him for wanting the better job first. If he chooses to stay at GVSU it would surprise me, he's reached the full potential there and that job has no future challenges unless they are going 1AA and we don't know it yet, but he's been told.
I don't think so.

I think the job has been offfered to him.....and he is trying to decide if Montana is where he wants to be.

The reason I say this is simple logic.

If Hauck were offered the job it would be a done deal. According to Aged Griz...the same would be true of Phlugrad. It seems that if either of those guys were offered the job it would be done right now.

Kelly says that the Griz are being aggressive in there offer to him...and that he will make a decision in the next 4-5 days.

What decision would there be if the Montana job where not offered to him? And how can you be aggressive without offering the job?

So we will wait to see what he does in the next 4-5 days. :-?
Pflugrad has NOT been offered the UM job....yet. He expects a decision from Hogan/Dennison on Thursday night.
I'm going to have to read the "4 or 5 days" comments over again. I read those comments to say Kelly wants the process to be over within four or five days NOT that he wants four or five days to make a decision. Big difference. My expectation is that he'll decide on the Montana job within a day or two, if the job has been (or will be) offered. He might be prodding Hogan to make an offer soon or not at all.
The fact that Division I-A Bowling Green is looking at Kelly, Division II, speaks volumes by itself! :wink:
I have a strong suspission that Hogan already offered Kelly, and the other interviews are twofold. 1) they are a backup if Kelly decides not to take the UM job, and 2) makes it look like other candidates are being seriously considered. I'm not saying this as a knock on the others.
But Hogan really likes that Kelly already has a staff(though its never been addressed as to which want to come with him, heck if they give the sucessor $100K and a contract then why wouldn't their DC not want the top job.) I will say that i bet any of the others would get their coaches together quickly also. but given they way Hogan does things he makes up his mind and does it. Things might be unseen to us, but they're happening.
Being all that may be, if Kelly has to "think about it",(not that he's said that), then he's not the guy i'd like hired. I'd hope for a coach going in without reservation.

As a side question, how many guys interviewed for the BB HC job?
It's not at all unusual for a guy like Kelly to want to talk to his assistants and his family before deciding on whether to accept a job offer like this. This would be a big move for him. Wouldn't you think he'd want to talk to others, like Joe Glenn for instance, first?

Hey, if Hogan can get Bobby Bowden to coach at Montana for $100k per year, I could forgive him for only interviewing one this time too!
Just need to clear something up 62Griz, Bowling Green has not contacted Kelly about the job! He has stated several times that he has only talked to Montana and Grand Valley.
I'd think he would have talked with family and staff before the interview even too place. In fact I think he has, and i think he's going to take the job, but has to wait to say so, so that it appears that the other guys were actually being considered.

Ummm, comparing Kelly to any Bowden is a huge stretch.
You're right! He said he had not talked with Bowling Green, but had been communicating with them through an "intermediary."
Ummm, comparing Kelly to any Bowden is a huge stretch.

Where did I compare Kelly to Bowden? I guess my brand of humor didn't sink in. Kennedy was the BB coach at Florida State when Wayne Hogan was there. I think we can excuse Hogan for only interviewing one candidate (if that was the case) when he hired Kennedy. I was simply joking that we could excuse Hogan for only interviewing one candidate in the football search if it was Bowden (the football coach when Hogan was at Florida State).
Actually I read where he was compared to a young Vince Lombardi. So people throw out those kind of comparisons all the time.
i get it. my bad.
Though it would have made sense to look at more than just one guy...unless it was Bowden. :eek:

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