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The Truth About MT Girl (or the lack of her's)


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MtGirl, I'm willing to bet is still attending the U. Most likely a dorm "rat," thus my guess would be a Frosh or Sophomore. Her only true active social life is house party and bar hoping. . . to all the well known football hangouts. She more than likely is an acquaintance of the towel or water boy, or maybe a Freshman redshirt or two. Either way MtGirl thinks this non-reciprocal relationship she carries with these individuals gives her the "skinny" on all the scandalous gossip concerning the Griz.

What probably happened is she overheard the tail end of some drunken banter at a party about the team. Not knowing what she really heard, she took it upon herself to fill in the beginning and middle of the story so as to have something to talk about in the crowd of social misfits.

Did it feel good to stand as a part of the circle this time Mt Girl... instead of looking over the shoulders of those in it? Stop making up shite from less than credible sources. And stop chastising people for "not letting you speak your mind and report what you heard... which is nothing short of slander." What's your source MtGirl. Why should we believe you.

Oh, oh, I know, I heard that this entire war between Iraq and the US is really going to be over penis envy. You see, Sadam has a 13 inch incredible heat seeking moisture missle. President Bush is envious of this, so he wants to bomb Saddam back to the Stone Age (which would set Iraq about 20 years back in time). It's true. I overheard this, and I have a source, a good source that I can't tell you about, that told me so. :roll:

Now I'm not an expert in psychology or anything, but I'll assume that I'm going to be called an immature jerk who couldn't be more wrong about the Freshman/Sophomore college girl thing. Sorry if that's the case. I'm just basing your "profile" off of my friends ex-gal and her friend's (we called them the Fly Girls) Griz groupie syndrome back in my days at the U. How they acted like they had the skinny on ALL DA GRIZ INFO. It was annoying, usually way off, and usually made people role their eyes :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: . But what can you do? They were just immature for their age. They acted kind of like you... so based on my knowledge of them and how you conduct yourself on this board.... well, it's why I see you like this.
Or, MTGirl is really a Griz-hater troll, who sets up part of his internet disguise by portraying the female personna (remember, we're not supposed to hit girls).
I know that living in North Dakota is somewhat of an excuse itself :roll: , but before you go correcting peoples spellings, pull out a dictionary that has the word “Webster” on the front of it and check to make sure that they were wrong.

Immature – In the dictionary

Main Entry: im·ma·ture
Pronunciation: "i-m&-'tur, -'tyur, -'chur
Function: adjective
Etymology: Latin immaturus, from in- + maturus mature
Date: 1548
1 archaic : PREMATURE
2 a : lacking complete growth, differentiation, or development <a thin immature soil> b : having the potential capacity to attain a definitive form or state : CRUDE, UNFINISHED <a vigorous but immature school of art> c : exhibiting less than an expected degree of maturity <emotionally immature adults>
- immature noun

Inmature - Not in the dictionary

Source http://www.webster.com