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The Squib Kick????

there is no logic behind it; no one with half a brain would call it; the natives seem restless, don't they??
All the fans that were sitting around my wife & I today all agree that the stupid squibb kick cost the team the game. It was the 3 points that made the difference.
I also agree that the Griz are not playing to win,but not to lose and don't have the killer instinct anymore. That was eliminated many years ago. Maybe the players are disgusted that Dennehy &glenn basically threw their last games just so the coaches could get out of town to their new higher paying coaching jobs.
In a tight game that tight, you can go back and say that anything cost us the game. However, even after the good field position, the Leathernecks still needed to get down the field and execute a long kick.

That was the same thing that the Griz needed to do after the gift first down by penalty near midfield with 20-some seconds left in the game. In fact the situations were about exactly the same, if I recall right. So I say kudos to the Leathernecks for being able to take advantage.
squib kick is fine if your kicker can only kick it to the 10. After the squib, snyder kincked the ball deep into the endzone. DUH!!!

Total blunder. Cost us three points!
Leave Snyder alone, the coach made the call. The kicker kicked it, nobody is perfect. Chris is pretty close though. He's a heck of a kicker in the long run. One kick does not make a game. :roll:
the bottom line is that if your kicker can kick it into the endzone you do that. placing kicks and squib kicks aren't an exact science and bad things can happen WAY more often than things going in your favor.

In this case the necks only had to go like 30 yards to get in FG range...thats not very far. not only would having them start on the 20 been farther to go it would have taken more time and thus be even more unlikelyt to result in points.

I don't want Hauck to be fired, but he needs to knock off the Neuhisal stuff and become his own man doing what works and not relying on gimicks.
I was of the same opinion as the rest of the posters. However, I was also watching Sportscenter after the Indianapolis game where the Colts kicked it deep to the returner with very little time left.

All of the "experts" said that, with under a minute left in the half or game, you "always" squib kick it, and that Dungy was an idiot for kicking it deep.

That being said, I am pretty sure they can't return one from through the endzone. I still would kick it deep.
While I thought we should have kicked it along (given Snyder's leg strength and the reasonable temperature, which allows theball to go farther), two high school coaches sitting with us both said the clear play was to do the squib kick. What happened was incredibly unusual and unlucky for the Griz. Did you notice that the Griz had a different kickoff coverage team for the last game? They must have changed it after the Cat game. I thought the coverage looked much better.

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