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The secondary question


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So as the board does regularly, a subject hits home, and Bill Walsh, Chuck Knoll, Bud Grant,
Tom Landry, even Lombardi himself has appeared when the subject is; The Secondary;

So the question I have is what do all the experts, and opinions want the secondary to do, besides cover, hit and occasionally pick a few off?. Yes the big blow was the 660 last year, and according to this board, they barley held their own at 205 allowed on Saturday. Man if the backside didn't do their job, they wouldn't call them COVERAGE SACKS! Fellas, coaches, experts and the like, can we at least support the kids who are being put in positions by coaches for certain schemes. Can we at least say there wasn't a pass over 23 yards last Saturday, can we at least say the last 25 seconds of the 1st half App completed 3 straight all underneath the coverage based on a coaches decision to go MARYLAND SOFT SHELL CRAB DEFENSE. They are working hard trying to be the best they can in the secondary to support the OH GREAT front 7 those sacks are supported by the coverage in the secondary, they are not alone... UNITED

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Pounder, I agree with all you said about Saturday night. The secondary did more than hold its own against an App. St. squad which really pushed to exploit UM's secondary reputation early on. The funny thing is, the best secondaries in the country give up yards and scores. From junior high ball to the NFL, the invention of the forward pass gave offenses a decided edge in the game of football, no matter how good your corners and safeties might be.

To be fair though, a lot on this board, including myself, will wait to reserve judgement. For me, it wasn't because I thought Appy was a bad team. They had every bit the speed and talent as they normally do, minus Armanti of course. However, I think a lot of people's reservations comes from the fact the Griz are starting the exact same guys as last year, and are even down one as Sean Murray is no longer with the team. So, that said, naturally people aren't going to exclaim the problem fixed after one night. UND is still a pass-happy team. That will be a monster test to see if this group has pulled it together for 2013. The talent is there, as it was last year. Execution-wise, the group is off to a good start. But the season is a marathon, not a sprint, and after last year's struggles, you must understand why fans are a little gun shy about the Griz' secondary at this point.
I didn't really see anything that resembled what they were doing in 2012. They came out kinda flat at the start of the 3rd but its hard to pick up that momentum that you left with at halftime. I'm interested in knowing what everyone else thinks about this also.
I listened to the game. The defense was on the ball. The offense was firing on every level. It was a complete team game and a sweet victory. Next.
Repeatedly in press coverage on Saturday...a "fresh" defense on the field because of the ball-control offense employed by Delaney & crew and a QB who could actually CONTROL the offense...better schemes....they may be the same fellas, but they didn't LOOK like the same fellas out there. This is going to be one fun season!