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The REAL reason the Griz turned it Around

Appreciated the great memories fellas, but I have nothing to do with the W. I am happy to be a Griz today and this is why:

Gregorak after the first drive let the boys play defensively and we finally rattled them. We didn't need to be cute, just line up in our base d and set with the extra corner and make them beat us. He mixed those up well. We don't need to blitz much and when we got into this base mode with a blitz here or there it worked. Both touchdowns were contested and even if we get a few PI calls at this level it doesn't kill us as much with how the penalty is enforced. Finally playing aggressive and making adjustments against a legit passing attack. Keep improving Ty/coaches as a scheme/set prep and play calling and we are really going to come around in the next few months, especially if we tackle consistently. After talking to Tripp's dad afterwards, you could just feel there is so much more confidence in both players and coaches, plus they love their offense!

In know we haven't played a top 25 defense yet, but this is the most balanced offense we have had in years. I love how we actually come out with multiple offensive formations and execute in them all. Whether it is a play action pass to our full back in a power set to the pistol read option to the a 4 wide set, we have a qb (and surrounding talent ) to execute all. Can't wait to see us against a better D. We just seem to get into legit rhythms this year as our o-coordinators aren't predictable. Love our Sophomore receiving crew.

Lastly I think we are more disciplined on the field without the penalties than we have been in recent years. Just seems like players and coaches are on the same page. I think Mick made some solid hires in the off season and put the coaches in the right situations and got out of the way.

The difference between Griz and NDSU right now is they have better DB's and special teams (kicking game) Our front seven on defense and oline can play with (and most days beat) any FCS team in nation Can we get better in the coming weeks to beat NAU, EWU, Cal Poly and Cats as they will prepare the Griz for the playoff type teams...so you they can even get shot at Bison? We shall see