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The OFFICIAL Cal Poly Game Thread

It's only official when some moron whose voice hasn't changed, comes on and screams "GAME DAY BITCHES!"...
I got into wa griz yesterday when CP was doing their walk through. They looked ready....then I saw about 5 players talking and they actually counted how many steps were between the sideline and the wall. Its gameday, time to get loud, griz nation really needs to step up today.
This will be an interesting test for the Griz. Time to hit the store for liquor and food.

What are you drinking for the game?
The Griz decal is indeed pink. The usual silver helmet, white face mask and pink Griz.
some reading material while we wait......

http://missoulian.com/sports/college/montana/football/elusive-mustangs-out-to-saddle-griz/article_26164d06-3867-11e3-b394-001a4bcf887a.html" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

Elusive Mustangs out to saddle Griz

Unique offensive scheme will test Montana defense
Pink, it is said, is a powerful color representing survival of the species.

The Montana football team will be wearing some Saturday afternoon, intent on surviving what coach Mick Delaney calls its toughest test to date at Washington-Grizzly Stadium. Cal Poly is not only unbeaten in Big Sky Conference play, it has a unique way of getting things done offensively with deception and quickness.

“It’s just a really difficult transition in a short period of time,” Delaney said of scouting the Mustangs’ spread triple-option offense. “They have so many variations of triple option sweeps, counters, play-action – it’s just a really difficult offense to defend.”

The Griz, who will sport pink accessories for breast cancer awareness, aren’t exactly chopped liver offensively. They lead the Big Sky in scoring, averaging about 41 points per game. That’s 11 more than Cal Poly (2-0 conference, 3-3 overall).

Mustangs coach Tim Walsh, whose team is 1-9 all-time in Missoula, has the utmost respect for the 10th-ranked Griz (2-1, 5-1). Which of course means his squad will be tuned in from the opening kickoff at 1:37 p.m.

“Montana’s tradition is phenomenal,” said Walsh, who suffered losses in Missoula as coach of the Mustangs and Portland State. “Not that we don’t have tradition. But if you talk to people across the country about the FCS and the Big Sky, people are going to talk about the University of Montana.

“Everything they do is FBS. They are to Montana what Oregon is to Oregon. I have had the opportunity to coach at Oregon, the opportunity to coach at big places – the Army-Navy game – and there is not a louder stadium in America than the University of Montana.”

* * * * *

For Cal Poly to pull the upset, it’s probably going to require big games from sophomore quarterback Dano Graves and junior running back Kristaan Ivory. The latter leads the Big Sky in rushing at 114 yards per game. The former started for the first time against Weber State last weekend, throwing for 169 yards and three touchdowns and rushing for 116 in a 47-0 victory.

Delaney has described Graves as “tiny.” The Air Force transfer is listed at 5-foot-10 on the Mustangs’ web site.

“He’s 5-foot-10 with his cleats and his shoulder pads and his helmet on,” Walsh joked. “You take those off and he’s 5-foot-8, 5-foot-8 1/2, something like that.

“But size in our offense, you don’t need to be 6-3. You need to be a guy who has toughness, quickness, great reaction and reflexes to what defenses do. We think Dano has those things, but his greatest test lies ahead of him.”

Ivory is also small in stature at 5-9, 200 pounds. But he packs a wallop, according to Delaney.

“He’s got great explosive speed and he gets to the edge quickly,” the coach said.

* * * * *

Defending the triple option is difficult in part because it’s a rarity. Asked to remember the last time he faced the scheme, Montana junior cornerback Josh Dennard recalled a time two years ago when his squad faced, you guessed it, Cal Poly.

“One thing I know as a corner is we don’t get much passes,” he said. “It’s a big run game. Our coaches have been emphasizing we’re going to have to put our big-boy pads on, come down and make some tackles but also play assignment football.”

A key to stopping the triple option, according to Delaney, is playing well in the trenches. Montana has a track record of doing that with the likes of Zach Wagenmann, Alex Bienemann, Tonga Takai and Tyrone Holmes.

“If you can win up front, then you can cover over the top and get guys to play the option, the quarterback and the pitch man,” Delaney said.

“If those front guys can stop the fullback – which is I think the key in triple option football because it’s a long day if that fullback rushes for 100 yards – now you have to start committing another person to the box and it leaves you one short on the edge.”

* * * * *

According to Walsh, the best way to slow down the Grizzlies offensively is to keep the ball away from them. UC Davis failed miserably in that department last weekend and paid dearly in a 42-7 home loss.

The Griz will try to keep Cal Poly’s defense off balance with a blend of the run and the pass. Then if they can combine that with a little of the same concentration they had last week – UM did not have any turnovers or penalties – it could be a long day for the Mustangs.

“I think they’re playing with a little bit of a chip on their shoulder because of last season,” said Walsh, referring to Montana’s 5-6 campaign in 2012. “And they’re extremely difficult to beat at home.”

QUICK KICKS: As of Friday afternoon there were “a couple hundred tickets” still available for the game, according to an official in the Griz ticket office ... Cal Poly’s top receiver, Willie Tucker, was lost for the season due to a knee injury ... Takai is expected to play despite a tender ankle. Griz wideout Taylor Walcott is a game-time decision with his ankle injury ... Of the Mustangs’ three losses, two have come against FBS teams: Fresno State and Colorado State ... Griz QB Jordan Johnson needs 466 passing yards to crack the all-time top 10 at UM. He sits in 11th behind Andrew Selle with 3,766 career yards.

Reporter ​Bill Speltz can be reached at 523-5255 or [email protected].
cclarkblues said:
It's only official when some moron whose voice hasn't changed, comes on and screams "GAME DAY BITCHES!"...

Well guess it is official as obvious said moron with said voice has now shouted it :lol: :lol
Just kidding lets go Griz
Ursa Major said:
Ended up with Jim Beam...He completes me!

I've been cranking PBRs since 9 this morning. Been shooting my new gun off my porch since 10 (one clip every hour until kickoff). Be on the lookout for my gun review in the handgun thread at some point. I'll be switching to scotch at some point in the near future. Go Griz. Go America.