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The next Yo? Justin, Lex...


I dont know about any of you, I think that we might possibly have the next Yo on our hands. Granted, no one can be EXACTLY like him, but there are a few that are going to be close. Justin Green, to start out with is what alot of people are talking about and why not? Great player/RB, dude can not be stopped. Maybe I havent been keeping my eyes open or paying close attention, but I think that Lex Hilliard is really breaking out and he is only a Freshman. Its says quite a bit when you play for the Griz alot and its your fist year. But anyway, just got to thinking about that stuff. I do however have a question, is Ciche Pitcher out for good becasue of his shoulder? He was getting really good and alot of playing time, good QB sacker too.

Me :angel:
I love the way Justin Green starts each game. His first handoff he usually levels a cornerback. It just cracks me up. :lol: He's awsome. Lex Hilliard is right up there with Green, keeps those legs going, spinning, churning running over and through people. FANTASTIC!
Ciche said he would have to decide in the next couple of months, after talking to some Doc's, on the pregame show.

Lex may hit some of Yo's records, anyone know what Yo's stats were his 1st year?
Hilliard reminds me the most of Yo. Green is more of a run through em kind of back. I think Lex has a similar combination of power and shiftiness that Yo had. And Lex appears to me to have a bit more size and a bit more speed than Yo. The best attribute that both Green and Hilliard have is that they both set up their blocks well (patience) but then get their shoulders parallel to the line of scrimmage and GO.
You look in Hillard's eyes and you can see maturity way beyond his years. This kid is a specimen of mankind. If it weren't for Green, Hillard would be a 4 year starter. Personally, I think he has the potential to be better than Yo and I was real impressed Yo. Grrlygriz you are right, we are in very good hands at running back. Now I pray for Ochs and the receivers to get on the same page.
Thanx NativeGriz, I usually am right (jokes)!
I think the recievers and Ochs will get on the same page, I mean, ya gotta have faith. Its looks to me like every game we are improving. On an earlier topic that I posted I mentiond that our deffence had trouble with the opposing team keeping the ball in the air. That didnt seem like the case this game. Every game we are gaining experience and knowledge, eventually (hopefully by the "Kitty" game) it will all come together. We just hope it comes together soon.

Open for voices about the predictions of the Griz/Puss....errrrrr Cat game

Me :angel:
The one thing about Lex reaching Yo's records is that Yo didn't really share time like our backs do now. Drinwalter was more of a change of pace clean up guy, didn't take Yo's time like this one does. Not saying this is a bad system.
Hilliard reminds me a lot of Yo, except I think he's stonger and has the ability to drag a tackler or two better than Yo did. Yo was a bit shiftier, but remember, we're watching a true freshman here. I've liked Green, and I gained tons more respect of his ability on his last scamper into the endzone - getting hit at the ten, dragging the guy along, hit again at the five, and carried him into the endzone. That's determination - that's what you're seeing this whole team play like right now. I pity the kitties this weekend.