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The NAU Game


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The Griz played their hearts out, but the refs screwed us over, plain and simple. I've never seen a comeback like that though.
I don't think you can pin this one on the refs - yeah it was a bad call at the end when Petersen was called for the foul instead of out of bounds to the Griz, but the truth is the Griz played about 8 minutes of basketball last night - the first 5 and the last 3. During those 8 minutes they outscored NAU by 29 points. The rest of the game they looked lost and lazy. If tehy had played with the same intesity for the rest of the game there would have been no need for OT, as the game woudl have been a blow-out for UM.

The first 5 minutes the Griz were getting and making inside shots, rebounding and playing great defense, and were able to build up a 12 point lead. Then they started acting like they had the game won, not running down rebounds, giving up wide open 3's and layups, and taking crap shots instead of working the inside game.

The play that epitomized this game for me was an NAU inbounds play under their basket. Before the play, Criswell looked over, saw an NAU player wide open on the 3 point line, pointed at him, started walk over to him, then came back towards the ball. NAU simply threw it in the wide open shooter, easy 3 points for NAU. Maybe that ws a blown assignment, maybe they weren't concerend about that shooter, but if he hadn't hit that 3, maybe the Griz win in regulation. There were just too many wide open 3 point shots and layups for NAU in this game.