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The name is RockyMtnGriz.


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Where did RockyMtnGriz come from? Spent 2 years at Rocky Mountain College in Billings before finishing my degree in Missoula.

I was born and raised in Kalispell on a potato farm. Graduated from Flathead and got my degree in computer science from the U in Dec. 88. Worked at the Press Box to help pay my way through school. Have great memories of my college days in Missoula: golfing, fishing the Blackfoot and Clarkfork, skiing at Snowbowl, drinking :drinking: and going to the Griz games.

After the U, I moved to Whitefish and worked for about a year and then Boise for 4 years working as a system developer. Got sick of the Boise State fans and decided I wanted to be closer to the family in Kalispell, so moved to Helena in 93. Married in 95. Still working as a system developer.

Only thing that has kept me from attending any (2) home Griz games in the last 8 years is golf.