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The Music.


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I need to just say a word about this. Griz fans are being cheated. You are being ripped off. It is an outrage.

I mean the band. Idaho has a good sized band. Heck....even MSU has a good sized band. A good band is a fundmental part of college football. I can remember my first game at Death Valley(Tiger Stadium). I was overwhelmed by the size of the stadium. I could not believe how many people were crammed into my section. But the thing I will never forget>>>>>>>>>

The marching band doing the Pre game. I can not begin to tell you how loud the crowd erupted for the band! I almost lost it! There was sooooooo much energy in the stadium, you could've run all the lights in NY for a week. And to think that these were the same songs they have done for the last 50 or so years...........wow! I got a tear in my eye! So much tradition and pride built though the marching band.

This is something that Griz fans should be able to enjoy as well. I know that the band sucks right now. But if you added 70 more memebers....well they would at least be louder! We should all write to the music department about upgading the quality of the Marching band. It would be so much better than the PA. I promise!