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The Legend of ol' Turner Brown

Turner Brown

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Suun Lee gets off the boat in New York City and runs to the federal court house to file for U.S. citizenship. He runs into the court house and asks for directions, and runs for the elevator, startled he stops just before entering the elevator. Inside the elevator is the largest man Suun Lee has ever seen. Hesitantly Suun Lee walks into the elevator, saying Hi I am Suun Lee I wish to become american citizen I am from China. Ol' Turner Brown looks down at Suun Lee and says in a deep and firm tone I am 6'8" tall, have balls the size of pickle jars, have 13 inches of swinging meat and ( in a muffled voice says) and my name is Turner Brown! Suun Lee passes out just after Turner Brown spoke, and Turner picked him up gently and slapped Suun Lee until he came to. Somewhat groggy Suun Lee replies can you repeat that sir. Well I am 6'8" tall, I have balls the size of pickle jars, I have 13 inches of swinging meat, and well my name is Turner Brown!!! Suun Lee wipes the sweat from his brow and says whew!!! I thought you said you were 6'8" tall, had balls the size of pickle jars, that you had 13 inches of swinging meat and you were telling me to turn around!!!
Man - I hope Turner doesn't buy Knutson's house, GGG. You and I will be run out of the neighborhood.

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