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The Griz Lose..................

Colin will end up playing offensive line in college. He was a big kid, but from the number of games I saw him playing, he needs to get a lot stronger. Heck he was playing against kids that he was 5 inches and 90 pounsd heavier. Great kid, and I wish him the best.
Did anyone see him play basketball. I didn't, but heard he was a pretty decent player there too.
That's allright. I've been watching another d-end that the Griz are interested in for two years over here at Lakes High School in Tacoma. If you want to find out some info about him you can look on the the insider.com web site for Nate Johnson. The kid is awesome. Plays tight end too. Fast off the ball and tough as hell. Would definately be an asset to the Griz.
The Griz are after Nate no doubt about it. Sam Togar and Nate have already took an unoffical visit to Missoula and all accounts say they loved it. I think the Griz wanted Colin to develop into an O-lineman though.
Togar says he is favoring the Griz over EWU because of the atmosphere. Duh! Get yo ass over here young man and get yoself some chippers!
Sam is an awesome reciever and a great DB. Not only that he is just a good kid. But the whole Lancer team is made up of good kids. I wouldn't mind it if all the seniors on the team came to play for the Griz.