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The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly.....


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1) Ochs. Isn't it refreshing to see a qb with a command of the field? It was great to see Ochs read the defense, change plays when necessary (surprisingly frequently during his limited time on field), LOOK AT SEVERAL RECEIVERS (this brought tears to my eyes... it's been SO long) and throw a beautiful ball. The future looks great with him at the helm. I believe that Disney will be a great back up too. Hope we don't need to see much of the freshman in the future.
2) O-Line. Seems like there was much improvement in their play.
3) Running backs. Coming together nicely.. continue to be impressed with Hilliard, Green and sometimes Waller.
4) The atmosphere. There ain't any better way to spend a Sat afternoon than sitting at Griz stadium under blue skies with fall colors all around.

1) I still feel frustrated by the play calling. Yes, it was better on Saturday however we still have a ways to go and the conference starts next week. Stop the deep handoffs near the end zone for one! I almost lost my viking when I saw another one on Saturday. We need to mix it up more and try passing on first down. Anyone else notice how frequently Ochs seemed to change the play? And for great yardage? Remember, all points were scored while Ochs was at the helm.
2) Where's the Vernon Smith we've been hearing about? He's had some great hits this year, but boy does he miss many tackles!
3) Where the heck is the MONTANA...GRIZZLIES chant? The crowd got it started once, but the scoreboard was never used for it, nor were the cheerleaders, who used to split up and get the chant started.

:mad: THE UGLY:
1) Kicking game. Let Snyder kick it into the endzone. We had such poor field position all first half due to the funky kicking.
2) Penalties. The motion penalties were costly and need to be stopped. Is it the frequent change in qb's thats causing it? Also.. I was flat out embarrased :oops: at one point in the game when we had two qb's on the field and nobody knew what was going on. That cost us too (was it time-out or clock violation.. can't remember?)

**POINT TO PONDER: Although I love to see the running game working out for the Griz this season, I believe our past success (and future?) depends on putting together a superior passing program. I believe that truly great qb's come to programs where the passing game is superior. If memory serves me at all... isn't this how we got Ochs and Drew Miller, just to name a few? Hopefully with a healthy Ochs this will turn around soon. There must be some pretty frustrated wr's right now and hopefully this won't have long-term ramifications. Just a thought.
According to a couple of players, Snyder said he just plain missed the first kick off, and was really pissed about it on the sidelines. I am not sure what happened on the rest.
Hauck has stated many times that he likes the teachings of Neuhiesal in this area: kicking to different areas of the field, etc., thus the short kicks either right or left. By my way of thinking it's not so bad to kick it out of the endzone and give them the ball on the 20.