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The day the earth stood still


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Watched pots never boil, watched watches never move. :cry:
5 hours to go.....might as well be 5 days. :mad:

Some think the summer solstice (June 21st) is the longest day of the year, It's NOT!..........TODAY is the longest day of the year! :eek:

Mad, muttered musings meandering through my mental machinery.
Air bear is back. when eloquently executed...it is awsome, deadly.
70 point games, up 50 by half time, where's double D?
why is he wasting his time in BC? can't he re-enroll, pretend he's someone else, change his name?

God! I can't stand it.....is it 4 o'clock yet?
The wait, it's intolerable....interminable (it's barbaric Jim! - Dr. "Bones" McCoy - USS Enterprise).

Checking my watch....it hasn't moved!....tap,tap,tap.
holding it next to my ear, tick,tick,tick......not broken, WHY WON"T IT MOVE!

Re-thinking the whole proposition. This is not the longest day of the year.

PS: Is it 4 O'Clock yet?

I don't know how much comfort you'll find in this, but you are not alone brother...I'm going through the same thing.

I've checked my mailbox twice, and for what I don't know. I even took the garbage out, emptied the dishwasher, and ten minutes later tried to empty it again, and looked to see if the garbage needed to be taken out once more.

I was tempted to take a walk over to Washington/Grizzly, but thought that would make matters worse, and I don't need worse at this particular moment in time. I need for it to be 4:00PM, and I need my Grizzly Football.

I even went so far as to go to the ESPN Message Board. Checked the Maine page, and I didn't see one single mention of this game. I know that they like hockey, and basketball but this game has the possibility of being their biggest home game ever, and there isn't squat mentioned about it. Go figure.

I know some people will say get a life, and to them I will say I plan to in about 2 hours, and 45 minutes...but until then, I'll have another beer, and try to empty the dishwasher again. GO GRIZ!!!
Thats too funny Grizo, I just finished emptying the dishwasher. Its the first time that I have done it in about a month. I didn't realize it was a symptom of Griz withdrawls, thanks for helping me realize my condition. The next step is to correct the problem... 2 hours to go.
I'm watching Nebraska/Oklahoma State on TV and listening to Wyoming/MSU on the radio.

It's helping a lot!
ronbo said:
I'm watching Nebraska/Oklahoma State on TV and listening to Wyoming/MSU on the radio.

It's helping a lot!

I am doing the exact same thing except I am listening to the Wyoming/MSU game on the internet. But I am still jonesing for the Griz.
I am listening to the Wyoming broadcast on the internet and I just hear a Joe Glenn commercial and he ended it with "Powder River, Let 'er Buck". That almost makes me want to root for MSU... <smack> ok, I am back to my senses now, whew, what was I thinking. Go Cowboys.
I am not quite that bad guys. I went and watched a JV high school football to waste some time, and now I am listening to the Wyoming-MSU game. Plus, switching back between the various other games on tv. I cannot wait!!!! I think we will see a good game today, and the griz will look good. I thiynk we will see a shootout.

Oh yes, Go COWBOYS! Lulay just through a int, after marching down to the Wyoming 9.


GO GRIZ!!!!!!
I took a walk to take up some time. Walked around the Stadium and noted the guys still working hard at finishing the stadium expansion and just had me aching for watching live football in the stadium. It is almost 100% complete.
But on the way home I became very weak with no energy. The only cure for this loss of energy is Griz football. But there is still 20 to 25 minutes till kickoff. Don't know how to survive until then.

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