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The Bobby Hauck Show


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Did anybody catch the Bobby Hauck Show last night? Green was the student / player who was interviewed. I thought it was interesting that Bobby was remarking about how, in recruiting Green, Bobby personally visited with Justin and his family in their livingroom in California. Maybe a little self-promotion there, but give credit where credit is due. Justin Green is truely awesome and an invaluable asset to the team.

I also got the impression that Hauck really doesn't care for Tom Katz, but that's not the first time I've observed that.

There was very little (almost no) discussion about next week's game. I would have liked to hear Hauck's thoughts about the Brawl, but I suppose I can understand why he's keeping mum on that subject. :wink:
From what I can gather, Hauck and Bobby get along pretty well. They've made comments that they've sat on the bus/plane on the trips back together before, so I think they get along just fine. There is some good natured ribbing there I think. I always need to remember that its a SHOW, and some of what we see might be for the cameras, so who know what they feel for each in real life.

As far as Green, obviously a HUGE find, and not surprised that Bobby visited them. Pretty standard for a guy you are really hot after. Glad things are working out for Green AND the team.
Does Katz have any ties to MSU? Hauck said Katz must've worn blue and gold to antagonize him, and then Katz referred to the game as the Cat/Griz game, and then corrected himself as if he meant to say it in the first place.
From what I can gather, Hauck and Bobby get along pretty well.

Since they live in the same skin I should hope so . . . .

Tom and Bobby . . . . Hauck and Kautz . . . .

*snicker and giggle*
I don't think he has any MSU connections. His bio says he is from Wisconsin, and graduated from UW.
grizpack said:
I don't think he has any MSU connections. His bio says he is from Wisconsin, and graduated from UW.

Whenever I see Katz on the sideline he is always wearing his red Wisconsin polo shirt.
Who in their right mind names their kid Tom Katz?

BH doesn't feel comfortable around Katz, and probably doesn't like him. If my memory is correct, Katz wasn't around, or wasn't the guy expected to do the show, when BH signed to do the show. The initial observation in this thread is correct.
Wasn't Greyson Davis here before Katz? Can't remember for sure when he left, but I wasn't exactly sorry to see him go.
Katz did the show the last year with Glenn, so Greyson has been gone since at least 2002.

Either way, its neither here nor there.. you don't have to like the guy to work with him. Katz is still better than the Nettleson guy on NBC, and better than Brian Solmond(sp?) IMHO.

I always thought the Greyson Davis looked like a muppet.. anyone else?
I can't help but notice the striking resemblence to "Mr. Bigglesworth," from the Austin Powers movies! That is hilarious!

Just wanted to say............................no matter what happens Saturday, I like your posts! Keep posting here!!!!