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The "Big Red" blob must go down!!


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This week Monte is facing Big Red from Western Kentucky. He must go down. He's defeated Monte in the past and like the NoDak game, it's redemption time for Monte. He's already loosing 63-37 so we need to get busy. Get out there and vote Griz Nation. I know W. Kntky don't have better more supportive fans then we do. Go vote and Go Griz!
Monte 38%
Big Red blob 62%

Creeping up but it's going to be a long week. In the "standings," Big Red is ranked number 1; Monte number 5. I would guess the standings are based on total number of votes - so, there must be a lot of Western Kentucky fans hitting the "vote" button in this contest.
Let's kick it in gear. Monte shouldn't lose to that goofy red blob of a so-called mascot. Western Kentucky, really. MONTE RULES. Let's make it happen people.
I am sorry guys. I like our mascot and everything, but I just can't get excited about a mythical national championship for them. Kind of how I feel about FBS football.
If anyone is interested in learning how to vote 30x a minute... PM me...

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