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That's what I'm talking about


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I like the attitude of the UW fans and coaches. The hated rival Oregon Ducks are in town to play Wake Forest in a bowl game. While at the Supersonics game players from both teams shoot free throws. The fans hold up signs that read 42-14 when the Ducks ore on the court to remind them of the score when they played UW earlier in the year. They also had the worst rain in memory all this week and they let Wake practice in their indoor facility and denied Oregon the same opportunity. Contrast that with the day before the McNeese game and I hear Kramer (the coach from the team out east) on our local fishing show and it’s a love fest. The pregame radio show on Sat has Kramer again on and they all leave with lipstick on their rears. Mick D left in the middle of the night but he did hate the team from the East. (Kramer has stated it was harder to recruit against Mick than the Wyoming coach.) Glenn also left fast but he loved all God’s creatures and stated he thought the streak was obscene…the streak was a beautiful thing. When I hear someone say I bleed blue and Gold…I wanna see if it’s true. I hope Coach Hauck brings some of this UW attitude with him. Agree or disagree?
Not getting any response so I’ll respond to myself.

Bronco…you seem like a bad sport.

Yes, if by getting up for a contest you dislike your opponent then yes, I’m a bad sport.
If I was playing in this era of the line of handshakes after the game I’d get in line at the end of the visiting team and high five my own players and congratulate them on a good game. I wouldn’t be interested in shaking hands with the team we just beat.
I just would like to see a more intense attitude with the coaching staff. The players can read the attitude of the coaches. When the coaches had the winning streak end at E Wash I know they said the streak didn’t matter to them. Liars…it meant something….it meant something to their resumes. I know the coaches felt and projected a down attitude going into the big rival game with the team from the east and what happened they lost again.
Attitude matters.
Bronco, Ok I see your point and you’ve won me over.
Ummm... I have always said that its ok to talk to yourself but maybe when you start answering yourself then it could be time to call the guys in the white coats, I hear Warm Springs is nice this time of year... :eek:

Just joking with you! :wink:
You think it’s easy typing in a straightjacket?

I would like it if I didn’t have to answer my own questions but this site seems to have more lurkers than posters.
bronco said:
You think it?s easy typing in a straightjacket?

I think I should probably be wearing one, I can't wait for the kids to get back in school so I can stop feeling like I am living in a funny farm. Why is it that all childrens toys now have to make noise? What happened to the good old days of army men, marbles, jigsaw puzzles and models?

Whoa... I just strayed way off topic there, sorry, I think I hear the engines warming up in Warm Springs. It might be time for me to take a forced vacation.
BTW, I agree with your first post, just to let you know that I didn't miss the topic of this thread completely.

I don't think college football should be a popularity contest, I think it should be a no holds barred (our offensive line would like that), take no prisoners, don't show any mercy, drive up the score as high as you can game! Why make the other team feel like they "kept the game close" when they should have been blown out by 80 points? If we start kicking a$$ like we should be then maybe the other teams in our conference will step up their level of play as well and make the whole conference better. I see nothing wrong with getting Montana and two other Big Sky teams in the playoffs every year!
I could be missing the point, but given that you are now resorting to talking to yourself Bronco, I figure it won't matter.

I think it's fine to hate your opposition as much as possible before a game, and even after a game... Whatever gets you prepared for a game is what you should do/use/feel/adopt. But at the end of the day, you have to shake their hands, congratulate them on their game (if it deserves it), trash talk even ("We'll kick your a$$ again in the playoffs too")... But you leave any punches and late hits etc on the feild after a game. You can hate em, you can want to kill em... But in the interest of (this sounds corney) peace, you shake their hand. Sport is about the only thing in the world at the moment that can bring together two countries people that ordinarily would be throwing grenades at each other.

I agree. Now I can quit talking to my self for a few minutes.
You agree completely with the voices I hear in my head.

Too many games were so close that the opponents thought they could win and that is dangerous. It gives them hope. They should have no chance (and like it) especially at Wash Griz. I like blowouts. I love it when an opponent quits in the third quarter (see Iowa) Give me lots of points…the more the better.
They’re coming to take me away…ha ha (old song from the 60’s) the artist was Napoleon X1V for all you song down loaders
they're coming to take me away
ha ha, ho ho, he he

I just think they need to get here faster, the kids Christmas break is nearly over and I can go back to my normal life, lol.
Having kids isn't wat it's cracked up to be. It's like owning a horse. A lot of work for a little pleasure. They lie and tell you it's all pure joy.
bronco is obviously speaking for himself and i dont agree.

Kids live longer than horses and cost a lot more to take care of!


Seriously, though. Kids are great.

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