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That wasn't Me!!!

I just want the whole board to know that it wasn't me under those other usernames, if you read the messages all theirs were BS and mine actually were factual and related to Grizzly Football. Those were my buddies making up stuff from the same CPU and they kiked my usrename off, luckily I've fopund a way around it and I'm back but just look at all my posts and you'll learn it wasn't me. I"M BACK!!!
If this is the case, then my apologies. Have a talk with your 'Buddies' and make sure that kind of crap doesn't happen again. Not sure why the Admin didn't kill your username like I asked, but I guess you got lucky this time.
I will, because there are diff CPU's on the same server and it said they all came from the same spot, review my posts their all legit. Even though you guyz took them all off. It was easy to get around you guyz blocking my username. :D

** Moderator Note **
Your username wasn't blocked, although it was requested as such. The admin hasn't been around for a while and he's the only who can do so. It still might happen when he returns... don't count your chickens yet..