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Talmage Quit the Griz.....


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I've heard this from several people in the know, and from one of his fellow Griz teammates. Has anyone else heard about this?? I'm not sure that it's true, but if it is, it's quite shocking...... :eek:
sad if true; I wouldn't blame him; he is a very talented young man who appears (like all the receivers) to have fallen through some giant crack
I find this hard to believe. It must have been really bad for him to quit right before the playoffs regardless if he wasn't getting as many looks. He seems to be a really stand up player and probably wouldn't do something like this now because of the distraction it would be to the team. I mean he has to look out for his best interests football and education wise so if he has quit there must be some major conflict. Be it true or just a bad rumor. good luck this weekend and let's whip the 'Necks
I heard he was talking about going and playing for western..yes the Montana Western, before the Idaho game. Sadly he hasn't gotten many balls thown his way, and hasn't been able to bring many down lately either (not all his fault either). If he did quit, at this point, I think it is unforgivable. Sure you have to think about yourself, but you also SHOULD think about your team. Nothing sort of a crisis would bring me to the point of letting down teammates. And at this point in the season there is no benefit to quiting, other than just giving up.

Keep your head up, and your Griz Jersey on JT.
Go Griz
If he quit, he's a pussy. Nobody with a team attitude would do that at this point. Wait till the season is over if you absolutely have to move on. That would be fine, we all have to make choices. But right now? that would be pathetic. Let's also note that the poster was making his first post with this info. What's it worth??
Good point loyalgriz.

When something like this happens the board is usally all over it. and, Nothing today. Could be the holiday or it could be a hoax. A very cruel hoax.
I am extremely sceptical of "first posts" and please note that this is one. It's just a great way to stir up trouble.
There is no way I would give this credence unless there is additional confirmation.
Well if this is some A-hole stirring up trouble it's so wrong. Must mean they are scared of JT.

One last thing if he has left the good best of luck to him in the future at western he will dominate.

I just hope to see him in the maroon for a few more he has such great potential, and this should be a fire under his butt for the game tomorrow.
I have class with over half of the team. I also TALK to the TEAM MEMBERS to get my info. I don't get it from newpapers and so on.... I really hope it's not true, it would truly suck, and the GRIZ teammate who told me about it would really be an ass. Another tidbit of info, is that there IS actually a rift between the team and the coach over the cat loss... I'm not going to refer to the names of the players I talk to, but all of them are starters. I've had some beers with these guys and listened in on the conversations, they aren' t very happy, and many say not to believe a word of what is printed in the papers. There are reasons for why say what they say during interviews. They don't want to let down the fans, but from what I've LISTENED to many, not all but those who count, consider their season to be done... :cry: it's really unfortunate, and I hope to GOD that they are just blowing off steam... Watch very carefully on Saturday and decide for youselves whether or not it seems like they are playing like themselves or just going through the motions.... I HOPE they were just BS'ing because they were pissed-off that they lost...we'll see i guess. Another thing, I'm a little old, and too mature for initiating hoaxes. Personally I think people who do that are idiots and childlike.
Harm ain't BSing, I don't know him, but have heard much of the same.

But, I say, don't throw away 4 or 5 years, and don't let down your teammates. Go out with a championship, regardless of who you like or don't like. Get that skin thick, you'll need it in the real world anyway.
One group you can be assured will give it their all and never just go thru the motions is the RBs. I think this game will be won on the legs of our RBs, they are completely unselfish and great guys. Go get um Justin, JR, Lex, and Brady.
Just a side note. Now that everyone is home anyway. The last time I heard this much negative stuff concerning the Griz and player/coach rift was before the Idaho game. And look at what the Griz did to them.
Maybe BH is up to his crazy like a fox stuff again.
You guys are patsys for buying into this crap. Harm : :fist: (1. Physical or psychological injury or damage. 2. Wrong; evil.), wake up.

JT is a great player and an even better kid. He’s been banged up the last few games and the coaches have tried not to put to much pressure on him to perform before he’s ready.

Hopefully he’ll be 100% this week, if so he’ll light things up in a major way.
loyalgriz said:
If he quit, he's a pussy. Nobody with a team attitude would do that at this point. Wait till the season is over if you absolutely have to move on. That would be fine, we all have to make choices. But right now? that would be pathetic. Let's also note that the poster was making his first post with this info. What's it worth??

Loyal, i have to wonder also at why a player would quite during the season.
Yet, i'd not be so hastey to dishout name-calling. Keep in mind Ochs quit CU after being cleared to play. And to be honest if a certain coach(i dont think its hauck) is treating Talmage like Ochs was by his HC there then i'd not blame Talmage one bit.
And as for team attitude, its between him and his team-mates, and if this is true, i'm sure he talked with them about the situation plenty and wouldn't leave unless they agreed with his decision.
Besides, how often has he been thrown the ball? Its like the OC doesn't think he's on the field.
But also, we've had some rumors come to this board that were far off base while being reported as true and to the posters thinking were true.
I'm hoping this isn't true.

I'm not bustin' on you, i'm just saying we don't know the whole story so it might be premature to be too harsh on a kid over a rumor.
Total Crap.. heard tonight (very reliable) that Talmage had a great, focused week of practice and is ready to go...

Some people..
I also heard it was crap (parent of current Griz receiver). They said he is frustrated, but not ticked off and is not quitting the team in any manner. He also said that he has been pretty banged up, along with Ochs. He will be out there today.
I guess I can say you and / or your sources were full of crap. :fist:

Jon played an outstanding game today! No quitter there for sure. What little they did go to him (only twice I think), he executed well. :lol:

Awsome catch on his back with one hand on a bobbled ball for a TD!

Way to go Jon! (...and no, I'm not his Dad, just a fan who knows talent when he sees it)
JT had an AWSOME catch, and played very well. Now, on to that defensive starter who got me all fired-up. I'm planning on having some words with his ass on monday...
The Griz really played their hearts out, and I was very pleased to see that, I'm happy to be wrong on this one let me tell ya!!!
Props go out to WIU.. good luck to them in the play-offs...