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Talmage? Anybody heard?


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Jon Talmage is by far the #1 receiver to step up and show grit this year. We need him! Anybody heard of his condition? Just a minor sprain I hope.
Did you notice how Levander is stepping up as a receiver the last couple games too? With Talmage and Segars at WR and either Ochs or Disney tossing passes, next year should be an air show. :lol: :lol: :lol:
Last night on the Joe Glenn show... Joe said "he'll be out for a few weeks", trying to recover from an 'elbow ding' and that they'll be working hard to get him back in.

All he said... you can draw your own conclusions..
Sounds like they would like to have him back by the Montana State game. I would like to see him back going into Eastern Washington, they always give us a fight, and they are the most worrisome opponent left on our schedule. For some reason they are always well prepared for us and play us to the final gun. Got to have John back for that one! If not the coaches need to get Zigmund in there. He is the best we have coming off the bench. In fact I was surprised they didn't move him to another receiver position when they wanted to get Segars in there. I believe that Talmage, Segars, and Zigmund would be one of the most dangerous receiving trios in all of 1AA. Now pray that our great scrambling QB can float one out to them. :D
On a couple of other boards, there are comments that he broke a bone, and it could be season ending. Hope they are wrong.
I have heard from a couple of people that it was a cracked bone and hyper-extended elbow. Don't know how long that sidelines him for though. :cry:
#2 should still be able to play...he's got one good hand left, and with some of the catches I've seen him make, that might just be good enough. Get well Jon and GO GRIZ!!!
Here is what was reported on one of the other boards:

"Coach Glenn said tonight on the show from Paradise Falls that at this point nobody knows what is wrong. He said that because his arm is so swollen they can't straighten it out enough to do an MRI. Until the swelling goes down they won't be able to determine anything. He is in a half cast that allows for icing. He also said that Talmage is in a great deal of pain and the doctor said this is one of the most painful injuries he has seen. Glenn said with hesitation that they're hoping it's not season ending but when asked well we won't see him against SAC Glenn said something like oh no maybe a month if lucky."
I can understand that there are privacy issues in regards to information about the students injuries, but it is frustrating that the information gets out so late. Other schools are not doing this, are they? I know that in the Talmage case that they might not know what is wrong just yet, but it seems that the information is just sometimes not out there. This might be a good policy from a coaching perspective, but from a fan's perspective it is a little frustrating.

Anyways, I hope it is not too serious and I see the kid back out there real soon.
God, it's seems like every game we're losing someone critical to the team. I'm hoping the young inexperienced kids can step up. It's just starting to worry me that our chances of making it to Chattanooga may be slipping away. I hope I'm wrong. How dominating would the Griz be if these injuries hadn't happened? We can only imagine.
Other schools are not doing it the same but all schools have to do it the same way. Montana is just trying to follow the guidelines on some fed regulations that will be in affect next year. This was in the Missoulian last week, and also a poster on Grizzlyboards.com mentioned the regulations. This same subject is on grizzlyboards.com and you can go to it and find the post describing the new regulations. The post was from UPWIMT. But Missoulian had something on it also but didn't go to deep into detail on the new regulations that are to be in affect next year.
I dont think its a College Football Regulation... Its a patients rights act.

The school can't divulge that type of information without the 'patients' consent. Similar to the fact that a doctor can't give out patient information without consent.

I think the schools are just starting to fall in line with it. Its not about hiding information from other teams.
Never said it was a college football regulation. Like I said, you could go on grizzlyboards.com and look for a post by UPWIMT. He had more on it than Missoulian did, and he says he has to deal with it in his job. Yes, it is a patients right to privacy.
Tried. Boy is that board hard to navigate and find anything. I couldn't find it. This is a much better bulletin board software. Even MTGriz is easy to find a post.
ronbo, I use that board a lot, but I have to agree with you. Except I do not exactly care for mtgriz.com as much.
Yeah, MTGriz is old bulletin board software and doesn't offer any extras. I can't even figure out how to edit a post, I don't think it allows. But if you want to locate a post, they are all right there in front of you.
The real culprit is a little piece of federal legislation called HIPPA whihc is the clever acronym for Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996. There has always been a right to privacy for medical records, but it was simple to circumvent the right that by having the player sign a waiver. Waiver can still be made but are much more difficult to determine when you have waived the right and for what purpose. As a result most folks are erring on the side of conservatism and not releasing anything anymore.

HIPAA in a nutshell expands the rules of patient confidentiality and will have a greater impact on the health care industry than did Y2K. And here's the real kicker, if you release info in violation of the Act you can be subject to penalties ranging from $100 per incident, up to $25,000 per person, per year. If you do it intentionally and with malice you can be charged criminally.

HIPPA was not probably intendeded to get in the way of your right to know as a fan (although I would be hard pressed to see how our need to know outweighs the right of privacy of the injured player if they did not want it released in the first place), but it will have a major impact in the coming year.

The Act becomes totally effective on April 14, 2003. (It originally was to go into effect 4-14-01 but has been delayed due to confusion over what the heck it really means!)

If your really interested, and I cannot for the life of me understand why you would be, there are some news releases and other info at the link below.

As you might have guessed - HIPPA has an impact on my job and as a result I have had to listen to lectures and seminars on it for about 4 years now! Welcome to the wonderful world of federal regulations!

And as you can now liekly guess, this will have an impact across the board - NFL, NBA and team at every other school in the country is looking at how to comply. As are hospitals, collection agencies and many attorneys who work in anything remotely related to health care.

Here's a good link if you wanna read more about it!

http://www.hipaadvisory.com/views/privacy/prosports.htm :D
I would think that the atheletic program would simply encourage kids...not force them, certainly...to divulge information on their own. Let them know that as they are a part of the Griz family, that their family members are concerned about them. I really doubt if most atheletes would have too many problems with issuing a short press release.
I hope it is not a broken elbow. I broke my elbow once, I was riding a bike, when the chain broke off & wrapped around the fork, causing me to do a header over the handle bars. I had to have surgery to remove the bone fragment that broke off & I was in a cast for 6 weeks. I hope Jon's injury only keeps him out for a week or two.
Todays Missoulian said that Talmage did break it... but the swelling has yet to subside so they can't see if there is further damage to ligaments, etc.

I'd bet he's out for the season. Hate to say it, just being a realist.

Its not like Zikmund wont step up and play hard...