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Tale of two Halves for Jeff Disney


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I believe everybody in the stands could tell Disney locks on to a receiver. I am pretty sure the opposing teams defenses notice this, too.


I look at the stats and notice Disney is completing 70% of his passes in the first half. That is 9 for 13 against Maine and 14 for 20 against NDSU. Second half stats he averages less than 50% completion rate.

So, he may have an accuracy problem but it isn't something that can't be fixed. With a 70% completion rate, he is throwing accurate passes. Dave Dickinson threw for a 65 to 70% completion rate. 30% were innaccurate. But I am not trying to compare Disney with Dickinson because Dickinson found the right receiver to throw to, not just the one that he seen open first. This is something Disney does is go for the receiver he sees open first, which more likely is the one he is locked on. Opposing defenses may notice this and make adjustments at half time.

I believe his problems in the second half is because his primary receiver is now covered and he has to look for a secondary receiver. Disney is definitely not the best QB for reading defenses, judging from what I have read on this board. This results in him rushing throws or panicing and leaving the pocket, which then leads to poor decisions. This is well in evidence in both Maine and NDSU games in the second half.
All his interceptions have been in the second half and 2 of them were due to a bad decision on Disney's part. Both were rushed even though disney didn't look like he was about to be sacked, which leads me to believe Disney isn't completely comfortable out there as he should be as a starting QB.

It could be something different that caused Disney to become a QB that can complete 70% of his passes in first half and then become an erratic QB that makes bad decisions in the second half. Not sure. Maybe somebody else can shed a theory on that.

Overall, Disney isn't as bad as QB as some of you think. Most of the things I see about Disney can be fixed. Mostly game experience will be the fix. This is Disney's second game in 2 years.

There are some things that may not be fixed.

Some QB's just are able to read defenses because of natural ability. Ochs may be one of those. But Disney could possibly with game experience and good coaching, gain acceptable skills at reading defenses. But, this is one skill that I cannot see being learned over night, and fans may just have to be patient with him.

With Ochs injury history, we just may have to be patient with Disney's development until he can gain the experience and skills to be successful at QB.
You hit it right on the nail TrueGriz. Disney started to get happy feet in the 2nd half and didn't look very confident. He watched his receivers run their routes but never threw the ball on their breaks. I don't remember him firmly planting his feet and throwing a bullet pass. He will come around though.
Did anybody else notice Talmage in single coverage all day and constantly being open and not having Disney even look to his side of the field?? He was so wide open on at least two plays on the last drive that they would have been TD's had Disney thrown to him. I see no improvement in our QBing from JE last year to Disney this year. Lets hope Disney improves dramatically or Ochs gets healthy quick or we could be looking at a 1-3 start.
lets keep in mind that there were essentially no new plays called in the second half, that coupled with horrible rushing attack made the pass very easy to defend. not that Diz made anything easier for himself. the INT near the sideline was a pass that should have been thrown away.