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It's time y'all, just 50 days to prepare yourself for the 2013 season. :thumb:

Get your best Great food menu's planned, it's a good idea is to taste test them yourself on the weekends before using them at a tailgate!!! :thumb:

Get the tables, chairs, tents, coolers, heaters, trailers and RV's ready, :!: And please CLEAN the old hamburger and chicken bits off the grill and out of the fryers :oops: before you fire then up again :!: :thumb:

Get out now and buy new ones if needed! :thumb:

Get out your spirit gear and clean it too! :thumb:

Get to the school, get to the store or get online but get it all now, get all the new hats, shirts, jerseys, pants, flags, and magnets, you need to tell the world who you are, and who you support in 2013. :thumb:

Last but not least, Get to the Booze store and Get the liquor, the mixers, the shooters, the chasers, the :beer:mind erasers, and hangover cures :puke:you'll need to fill the cooler you cleaned or bought! :thumb:

If your team loses the first game because you could not find your lucky______, in a Friday night scramble :shock: , looking for _______. Don't say GAS didn't WARN!!! ya. :thumb:

Now Get out and take care of it! You have been WARNED! ;)

What are y'all planning for your collection for this year? :thumb:
No new stuff for me, unless I order online. NO GRIZ Gear anywhere in Nebraska or Iowa.

What do I want to collect most this year? All I need is a National Championship!!!!
GreatAppSt said:
No new stuff this year :? ??? It's gonna be one sad a$$ first game tailgate. ;)

No....it's a whole day of tailgating before whipping your boys, so enjoy our "hospitality"!

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