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T-Shirt Winner!


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The winner, based on popular vote... a whole 28 of them...

Is nzonecrayz... for his submission of Priceless.

(above graphic)
food for tailgate: $24
pre-game beverages: $36
ticket to game: $29
(below graphic) Gettin some before the playoffs: PRICELESS

I personally don't know what he's drinking before the game that costs $36... but it must be good... or he stands by my motto... Quantity... Not Quality! :wink:

Anyway... Congrats to nzonecrayz! and to everyone else who contributed. Wish we could have had more votes. It looks like out of the 400+ members, only 30-40 show up on a regular basis.

The shirt will be produced tonight and we can arrange to meet somewhere at the tailgates to deliver the goods. Side note... I tried on a similar shirt (XL) and it is tight on me... maybe your wife can wear it...

Shoot me an email or a PM and we can make arrangements.


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