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"Spam" posted this on montanagrizzlies.com, and I thought it was pretty good, so I copied it here:

For those just tuning in, let me summarize the last few days on this board to save you time:

1) Posters are not happy and it appears the end of the world is in site for many.

2) Griz board posters do not have a life (me included).

3) There is a new poster who is older student whose greatest accomplishment in life so far is being a “student senator.” Ignore this poster.

4) Another poster, a gas station attendant, is brave behind an email and moniker, but does not have the fortitude to politely tell Scott Gurnsey in person that he/she did not like one of Scott’s radio comments.

5) Posters are no longer mad our opponents are not calling the Griz “great.”

6) It appears the OC is really Ron Richards in disguise. It has been noted that Glenn made an immediate change in OC and made it to the title game.

7) Glenn, Cockhill, Germer and Edwards were not as bad as they appeared, confusing many on this board. Of course many are still in denial and say you can't look at facts, like winning percentages and championships.

8) Many feel the Disneyland in Anaheim had a better week than the Disneyland at WashGiz.

9) The no-huddle offense is about as effective as taking advice from a Bobcat.

10) The new seats are cool.

11) Third and 7 either means an incomplete bomb thrown 15 yards away from the intended receiver, or a 2 yard pass into coverage.

12) Did I mention that people are not happy.

Me, well I'm willing to give the coaches a chance and am fired-up that Ochs has his sites set on a NC this year. If the coaching mistakes are corrected, the team unity gells, and Ochs is focussed - all will be well.
Disneyland in Anaheim would have a better week regardless. They're frickin' loaded down there! $$$!!!
uh, there was an accident on a roller coaster at disneyland this weekend that killed at least one, and seriously injured ten or more people. i hope to heck that you were not aware of that in making the comparison between the week disney had and the week disney had, as it were.
Thunder Mountain Railroad coaster derailed and one died, 10 others injured. So it was a bad week for all Disneys.

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