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Student tickets on ebay


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Currently there are 23 auctions with tickets on ebay. Mostly general admission (student) tickets. I did notice one auction for third row in the N End Zone.
How are you searching in Ebay for these... can't seem to get the right keywords to bring them up !?
That was pretty easy 3G. Go to the opening page at Ebay.com and on the left is the catagory list. Go down to SPORTS, and click tickets. Then do a search in tickets only with the keyword Montana.
Actually going through the tickets, sporting events... gets 14 of the auctions. To find them all just do a keyword search for "griz" that'll bring up everything with the letters G..R..I..Z but there is only two pages and the vast majority is tickets.

Okay after reading that I am not trying to talk down to anyone but with my job I have to pretend that everyone is at a 4th grade level and doesn't understand the things that actually take common sense!! :x
Thanks much better now--gonna have to have a few drinks this weekend!!

I HATE BUDGETS!!! :evil:

Okay many a pitcher!! :p

There is one moron who listed his ticket for sale and the auction closes on Monday the 25th. He wants $45.00 for his general admission ticket and shows a blurry picture of the ticket, so blurry you can't even see any writing on it.


Someone should take this guy out behind the stadium and...
Interesting about the student tickets...the thing is they're not a for sure deal...a student might get in line too far back, etc and not get a ticket if they're sold out which they will quickly. I'd not bid on ebay for anything other than a reserved seat. Luckily I have mine. :lol:
I don't think any students would put up ads on Ebay before they even had a ticket. Most of them are just trying to make some money, so I'd say go for it if you can find a ticket on there that you want to buy.
if they were put on ebay before november 18th then the student didn't have them yet. but, if a person is desperate and cant bear not to see the game in person and doesn't want to try his luck with scalpers then for them i suppose it's the only way.