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Stats on Weber State..


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From what I can tell from their stats on ESPN and their website...

Kicking game is suspect: Kicker is 4/11 on FieldGoals, inconsistent at all yardages. If we keep 'em 25 yards or farther out, this could be huge.

Running Game: Their top three rushers are avg. about 5.5 - 6.0 yards per carry. Obviously their O-Line is doing a good job and running backs are hitting the holes. D-line and LB's are going to have to step it up, or keep on doing a great job.

QB / Receivers: He's got over 1000 yards, with 48% completion, 4 INT's. If we get a good pass rush he could make some mistakes. When they pass, they are going long! Their top 5 receivers are averaging 15-20 yards per reception. The DB's are going to have to step it up this game big time.

Defense: Their top tacklers are their linebackers and Free Safety.

The 12th Man! Their total attendance at home games this year is less than we are packing in at each game! 23, 652 or something like that. The home crowd (you guys) will be a huge plus in the Griz victory. (** Edited/Added this **)

No big news that the Griz have to continue to be strong everywhere. It looks like Weber is a pretty balanced offense, and their D isn't allowing many points. Going into this year... Who Knew?
The other thing to remember is that Weber's Offensive stats are skewed a bit due to some big numbers posted against inferior teams. Almost 500 yards versus Montana Tech and 428 against Southern Utah skew the average. They also they gained a ton against EWU (414) But everyone is gaining yards on EWU this year and racked up 424 versus NAU (which makes me wonder how good that defense is in NAU.

The interesting stat is they only got 281 versus Div II Western State in week one (that's in Colorado) and 212 versus Colorado State - so if all Colorado players play I project less than 300 yards for Weber this weekend. They obviously have no answer for Coloradans and I suggest we give them a big dose of our mile high starters!
I apologize for the post previously displayed. It was incorrect, and as I was told only ment to get a rise... . It won't happen again.
Grass, did I read that right, NAU blocked 4 Weber punts in the 1st Quarter???? Man if that is true it must be some kind of a record!!

I just found out about the previous post and I apologize because it is incorrect. All I know of the NAU vs Weber game is from the following article from SportsNet:

Big Sky bully

Lumberjacks build big lead in league shootout

Sun, Oct 5, 2003
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Standard-Examiner staff

OGDEN -- Weber State had a clear-cut game plan in place for Saturday"s game with Northern Arizona.

Unfortunately for the Wildcats, it became obsolete before the end of the first quarter.

In what surely felt like a nightmare for the guys in purple, Weber State spun its wheels early on and never did find the right gear as the Lumberjacks bullied their way to a 48-29 victory in front of 5,010 at Stewart Stadium.

The Wildcats (4-2 overall; 1-1 Big Sky) went into the game determined to run the ball against NAU"s brick wall-tough defense, but found it nearly impossible.

Consequentially, the "Cats found themselves facing third down-and-long situations most of the night. And that, of course, played right into the hands of the Lumberjacks (4-1; 2-0).

"Give them credit," said WSU coach Jerry Graybeal. "That"s a very good defense they have, but we made it awfully easy for them."

NAU built a 21-3 lead at halftime and went ahead 38-3 in the third quarter. But the "Cats mounted a furious comeback charge late in the game, scoring 26 points in the fourth quarter.

WSU got the score to 41-29 with more than three minutes left in the game, but failed to convert on fourth down and wound up giving the ball back to the Lumberjacks.

NAU promptly added a touchdown with 1:38 left, officially putting the game out of reach.

Lumberjacks quarterback Jason Murrietta, a true freshman, threw for 340 yards and five touchdowns and receiver Clarence Moore added eight catches for 110 yards and a pair of TDs.

WSU quarterback Kyle Bauer completed 19-of-39 passes for 300 yards and a TD, but he was also sacked five times.

The Wildcats" rushing totals weren"t quite up to same standard set during last week"s 243-yard effort against Eastern Washington.

This time, the "Cats picked up 124 net yards, most of which came in the second half.

"Watching from the sidelines you see a much different game sometimes," said Graybeal. "But to me, from what I saw, we weren"t able to do the same thing physically we did against Eastern."

In addition to putting the clamps on WSU"s running game, the Lumberjacks blocked three punts and three interceptions to go along with 33 minutes in time of possession.

"We don"t like anyone get into a rhythm or a tempo against us," said NAU coach Jerome Souers. "We"re at our best when we"re disruptive."

Disruptive? Yeah, the Lumberjacks were disruptive like a marching band at a funeral.

If the goal was to keep the Wildcats from ever feeling like they were getting into an offensive rhythm, then it was mission accomplished.

WSU"s offense gained 84 yards in the first quarter, but had nothing to show for it except for two interceptions and a pair of blocked punts.

On their second possession, the "Cats marched all the way down to NAU"s 2-yard line. But instead of punching the ball in from there, they attempted a pass on second down and it was intercepted in the end zone.

"You may get a run or get a completion on us," said Souers. "But if we can keep people on their heels and keep them backed up, we"re doing what we need to defensively."

The "Cats tried to, but never did establish an effective running game. In turn, they couldn"t keep NAU"s offense off the field.

"They like to get people to feel like they can"t run the ball against them," said Graybeal. "And then you turn around and play right into their hands because they"re a pressure-style defense."

WSU went into halftime trailing 21-3, then watched as the "Jacks added 17 points in the third quarter.

Down but apparently not out, the "Cats rallied in the fourth quarter.

Running back James Samuel scored on runs on 3 and 4 yards and Bauer added a 9-yard TD too.

Bauer also added a 38-yard TD pass to receiver Ryan Nath with 5:55 left to play.

"That"s a good football team we got beat by," Graybeal said. "I knew that watching film that they"re a complete package and from what I saw tonight, they are."


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Weber, most years, seems to have good luck with their TEs vs the Griz, though not so much during the Breske years, but still some.
And given the musical chairs in the secondary I hope the Griz keep an eyeball out for that.

I'm not too worried about the run, even with the good rbs WEber has.