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I was just down on the field in Washington Griz. Holy Crap is it going to be cool. Those of you in the NEZ new seats will NOT be disappointed. They are big, high, and most directly face the field.

By the way, the open area you see on the pictures will be concession area, where you can watch the game as you stand in line for your food or the bathroom.
Sounds awesome. Now all we need is an escalator from the new seats directly to the tailgate area!!! :drinking: :drinking:
Have they started welding all the iron in place yet? Precast construction is a bit deceptive because the concrete makes the construction look father along than it really is. All those pieces have to be welded into place at several different points, not to mention the seats and railing. There should be sparks flying around that thing from sunup to sundown if it's going to open Sept. 6.
Actually, completion date is August 26 or 29th (I can't remember which). I talked to one of the contractors, and they are on schedule. There was no iron going up when I was there. I think they will probably put in pre-cast cement rails like are on the rest of the NEZ, but don't know for sure.

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