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Stadium Video

Jah, It was good that you cut out the part at the end where you fell over. A little too much to :drinking: , I do have to say that was the slowest drunken dizzy spin iv'e ever seen. :wink:
You busted me nzone. Actually some busty girl flashed my camera and I cut that part out for my own personal use.
That is a hell of nice stadium you have put together there in Missoula. Hopefully MSU will get rid of the Pepsi Zone and enclose that end of Bobcat stadium. I understand there are plans in the works to do just that, but we need to have a few more winning seasons in a row and success in the playoffs before that can happen. We all know if doesn't happen overnight. Good luck this year. See ya in November!!
Well if that isn't about the nicest post I've heard from a Cat fan on a message board. Thanks for the word. You're welcome here anytime. I would say good luck to your team too, but in the interest of recruiting, it's better for us to have the Cats lose no matter who they're playing. So I'll just say enjoy your season.

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