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Stadium nickname revisited


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After looking at the pictures off the Stadium expansion one word came to mind COFFIN. So applying GGG's word count style, one word TheCoffin. WelcomeToTheCoffin. If you come here you're dead meat.

Cheezy enough for you fellas.
from the looks of the stadium now how bout the earthquake bowl. Its so loud it shake and it also looks like it whent through an earthquake cause its all chopped up.


Possibly cheesier
I've got one that's less cheezy...The Cage.

Why not? Grizzlies live in cages and are fed other living animals to the enjoyment of adults and children alike. It's perfect. Especially since GSU fans on the anygivensaturday.org board are saying our stadium looks too "rectangular." Well that explains it. For visiting teams, there is no escape from the Cage!
I like your cheese.

I think they should nickname the NEZ "TheSanitarium", cuz it'll be full of all us Crazy Mother Truckers come Saturdays.

P.S. Use of the one word conjunction is copyrighted (c) by me, and can not be used without my implied permission. That being said, feel free to use it all you like. :drinking:
I'll throw in a vote for GGG and the "Sanitarium" very original and creative. HA ha ha ha :D

I'll throw in a vote for GGG and the "Sanitarium" very original and creative. HA ha ha ha :D

Yes sir baller, I'm with ya. Look no further than GGG for an example of who is going to be sitting in the NEZ. I have some privileged information as to some of the looks GGG may be sporting this season, and I can assure you, if an opposing team fan runs into him, they will think, this is either the twilight zone or a sanitarium...or possibly they will mutter "who or what the hell is that".

Thanks for not sueing over the copyright infringement GGG. I may be using it liberally. One word dontf@#ckwiththenorthendzone.

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