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Does anyone know what time scrimmage is on Saturday the 16th? The Missoulian just stated that they are slated for the 16th and the 21st but no times.
If I remember right.......the 16th is at 10:30am and the 21st is at 2:30pm......but I have no sources with me to confirm that.
Where ? if the stadium isn't open where will it be? or will it be postponed for fear of more injuries?
No, will be at the stadium, just avoid that crane over there please.

And... if coaches reacted like that "No scrimmage, we might get hurt" they'd never be coaches. No offense, but thats a pretty dumb thing to think. Of course they will scrimmage.
the posters may be undercover kitty agents just trying to second guess Coach Hauk and start some prbs thru backdoor nay saying.

Me thinks to pay needs practice and only if it is reakistic will practice work

100% at game speed and intencity
I believe the only reason there wouldn't be a scrimmage is if the smoke got so bad that it became unhealthy for players and fans alike.

Other than that, they need to have a couple of scrimmages to implement there offense and run it in game like situations.
The word at this point is that the scrum starts at 10:10am. However, as was mentioned who knows with all the smoke. If GGG would like to paint his face we can all meet at GGG. Even better, why doesn't every egrizer paint their face. Talk about dedication, getting a dudded up for a scrimmage.

I'm out.

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