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You would think that we just saw the best of Peyton Manning's brain, Matthew Stafford's arm, Johnny Unitas' hair, Joe Namath's smile, and Russell Wilson's legs playing quarterback for EWU yesterday.

... In fact, everything special going on was happening on Eastern’s side of the ball.

Special? Probably not a strong enough descriptive for Eastern quarterback Vernon Adams, who tied his school record with six touchdown passes (and, yes, kept it interesting by throwing two interceptions). The obligatory shake-my-head sampling was a perfect heave downfield while getting drilled by Montana’s Tonga Takai – but still having the clarity to recognize Shaquille Hill one-on-one against a linebacker. That one went for 86 yards before the six.

“I’ve got a guy who has the guts to take shots, and go for it in terms of making a big play,” said EWU coach Beau Baldwin, who won in Washington-Grizzly Stadium for the first time. “If there’s a pick or two, so be it. He has the guts to win games, and the guts to stand in there.”

Special, too, is freshman receiver Cooper Kupp, a very different animal than Eastern’s big-strike receivers of recent vintage, but who will leave every bit as accomplished. Or maybe get there sooner, if he’s going to outwrestle defensive backs for 11 balls every game.

But what remains truly special about Eastern football under Baldwin is the sort of gut-feeling, what-the-hell bearing that makes a well-prepared team intriguing, dangerous and fun.

It’s reflected in his belief in his mercurial quarterback, third-and-short calls that wind up going for the end zone, and a level of trust in his defense that has him opting against abridging the playbook just to protect a lead.

Yes, it allowed the Grizzlies to make the day look respectable, when it wasn’t any such thing.

That Montana, No. 10 ranking notwithstanding, is no longer the Big Sky’s bad news bear is no bulletin. The social, legal, NCAA and administrative turmoil that left 70-year-old Mick Delaney to preside over the program’s first losing season since 1985 was a schadenfreude special that nourished every rival fan in 2012. These Grizzlies are better than that, but there will be no championship this year.

They’re short on speed, receivers and perhaps even a sense of themselves.

To see all the public hoohah before the game about decibel meters and goosing crowd noise seemed slightly desperate, but no more than to see the Grizzlies pumping its arms to inflame its fans among the 26,082 on hand – on their very first defensive snap.

Didn’t seem like a team ready to grab a game, or a season, by the throat.

http://www.spokesman.com/stories/2013/oct/26/blanchette-eagles-have-become-skys-special-team/" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;
I think you're just looking for reasons to bitch, and you're really reaching.

If we had won, we would be saying the same things about JJ and Henderson.I don't see the problem with that article.

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