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Speaking of NCAA Violations. BIG News


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Golfer penalized for washing car
Updated: May 30, 2013, 4:04 PM ET
ESPN.com news services

Washing Car Earns $20 NCAA Penalty

Mark Schlabach discusses the $20 penalty paid by a student-athlete for washing her car on campus.
Tags: College Sports, Fine, Washing Car, Golfer, student athlete

A member of a women's golf team at a West Coast Conference school has been sanctioned by the NCAA for washing her car on campus, according to University of Portland basketball coach Eric Reveno.

Reveno tweeted about the violation Wednesday after he learned of it during conference meetings, culminating his message with the hashtag #stopinsanity.

"Just heard about two NCAA violations in WCC. 1) athlete using Univ. water to wash car, 2) coach text recruit 'who is this?'" Reveno wrote.

The WCC school in question self-reported the extra benefits violation to the NCAA, Yahoo Sports! reported. Yahoo also reported the NCAA asked the golfer to pay the school $20, which they said was the value of the water and hose.
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