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Sorry Griz.....we won't be hittin' the D2 playoffs....


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Well, NDSU had a hell of a rebound from a 2-8 season, but with 3 losses and 2 of them being in OT, the Bison are staying home from post season action. Saturday the Bison got beat by St. Cloud State in OT 33-30. i would guess that NDSU will end the season 8-3 with a win over Concordia next week. Best of luck to the Grizzlies. We will be watching you in the playoffs! See you in D1AA.........
There is still a chance to make the playoffs, but we need help.

NDSU is #5 in the regional poll. Top 4 make the playoffs. A big win by the Bison vs the NSIC Champion Concordia-St Paul combined with a loss by Pittsburgh State, Emporia State or Winona State(NSIC) could move NDSU into the playoffs. A chance for redemption at Grand Forks would be great.
NDSU's Run in Division II is over.
Went out with a 58-24 win over NSIC co-champion Concordia-St Paul
The Bison did not make the playoffs.
The I-AA games hurt our chances for the playoffs.
I think NDSU would play the same schedule if given the chance.

Now, at least this Bison fan will be pulling for the Griz in I-AA, the rest of the year. Good Luck.