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Some playoff thoughts...


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All in all, good season for the Griz. Ended the year ranked #11, which is probably a little underrated. We ended the season by losing to one of the top teams in the country. The 'Necks have a great program. They came out of what is probably the toughest conference in the country, and their two I-AA losses to SIU and UNI were both one possession games that could've easily gone the other way.
I hope we get some good recruiting for QB over the winter months. Ochs has flashes of brilliance, but there's just something about him... seems like one of those guys who is either having a rotten game or is hurt all the time. I'm not a psychologist, nor do I play one on TV, but the constant being hurt or "I had a bad game and take full responsibility for it" always seems like a way of shrinking from the pressure of being a QB in a top program to me. The religion thing plays into it too. This is all just a feeling I get; I think he's a good player, but I wonder if he's really got the mental toughness it would take to be a Griz QB. He obviously didn't have it to be the starter at Colorado.

Other games:
UMass/Colgate - Surprise! The Patriot League is evidently a lot tougher than a lot of people thought, including me. Mmmm, crow.

NC A&T/Wofford - Who cares? Wofford still untested, in my opinion.

Jacksonville St/WKU - No surprise. WKU is the only "top" program to not get a tough draw in the first round (except UMass - see surprise above). Should be interesting to see how Wofford does against a top team from a tough conference.

MSU/UNI - I was a bit surprised. Not surprised by the lack of Bobcat offensive performance, just that the D gave up so many points. But UNI was the conference winner of the Gateway, so no real big shock I guess.

FAU/BCC - Who cares? A couple teams that shouldn't have been there in the first place.

Chickens/Salukis - What the hell? That Delaware D must be something else.

NAU - 35, no big surprise, we in the BSC knew they were capable of putting up big numbers, even against a defense that is "one of the best in I-AA, and better than most I-A's"
McTeam - 3 ??? Vic King 80 yards rushing, Luke Lawton 8 yards rushing, the Pokes net less than 60 yards on the ground? B.J. Sams 55 yards receiving? Where did this Lumberjacks defense come from?

Anyway, congrats 'Jacks. I hope you guys continue this great performance all the way to Nooga!

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Ochs reminds me a bit of Jeff George, loads of talent but always something getting in the way of breaking out into the sunshine. I mentioned to my son this summer to temper excitement about him as he was liable to be injured what with his medical resume.

So I agree I think we have to do a lot of wood cutting in the quarterback department this off season. I don't think Hartman is the answer either from a homegrown recruit perspective.

But as far as the rest of the team, you gotta think that the past few years of recruiting success should bear some fruit. Every year you say goodbye to the seniors with dread and trepidation, only to find that there are others to capably fill their shoes.