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some old school fun


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Remember Ninetendo? Not PS2 and X-box, but the crappy graphics and cheesy music of the original Ninetendo? :lol: Back in the old days Temco football was the best. Now, thanks to someone with to much time on his hands, we have the Griz on Ninetendo. At least check out the screenshots on this site. Or if you are bored and can run an emulator on your PC then you can play! Enjoy! GO GRIZ!!!!
Great way to kill time during our cold MT winters. I downloaded it last winter and have played a few seasons on it. Have yet to make a NC game with it. :cry: But, have made the playoffs every year. :D

I think the #$@% game cheats :evil: if you start to beat it too badly.

I guess if you have the PC version of MADDEN 02 you can download rosters for college teams (Griz inclueded) and play.
Not that I think this is how the outcome is going to happen, but here is the result of my UM -vs- PSU game.
P.S. This was fun! Too bad it isn't this years players.


I attribute the low score to the fact I had to get used to the Keyboard instead of the old NES controller! :wink:
You can download the TSB2000 "manager" and make the teams anyone you want. It is an emulator that allows you to name each player and give his abilities. I went in and added myself as the QB for the Griz! I made myself really slow.....but super accurate. I ended the season with 6000 passing yards! :lol:

I found the manager thing and I can load the team data, and change it, but how do you save it/export it so it works with the new data?

Let me know... this is too cool to not fark around with...
I downloaded that emulator, too, with the TECMO game, and it gave me a clear flashback to when I was about 7-8 years old, playing at my uncle's house down the street with the ol' NES. I'm serious, this give me pretty good memories! :cry: :lol:

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