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Some memories of App St vs Mont


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A couple great pics of the games.

Any body seen my cleats?

Tuff D Schilly

I'll never forget this game and where I was sittin.

Mabey the greatest catch in Montana history!

Touchdown Montana!

Dan the Man runnin wild.

Anyone eles got some good pics? Mabey some from the 1st game?
Got some pics but not smart enough to figure out how to attach them. When I click on Img the little img/img text just pops up in comment box?
Proud Griz Man said:
ASU at Montana in 2000.


I cant find the remaining pictures since montanagrizzlies.com perished.

This first meeting was a hell of a game too. Not as cold as Version #2 but just about as dramatic. :ugeek:

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